Saturday, October 8, 2011

You and Me Have Seen Everything to See...

An extra for today.  Today was one of those days that The Universe just decided to give me what I needed.  I went to bed around 4am, which is earlier than usual.  Slept until Scarlett needed to be fed around 6, and again around 9.  I woke up around noon to hit the loo and Dante was up.  I figured that was odd since he didn't fall asleep until almost 4am, and I know this because I can't sleep until he's out.  So Hubby got him up, and I made him some oatmeal and threw on some Sesame Street for him and then Scarlett decided she was hungry, so I fed her, put her back down, put Dante back to bed, and went down myself for a few extra Z's.

Woke up around 345p, and lo and behold, I missed a call from Chris' mom.  I called her back, and what do you know?!  They were in Ft. Collins!  WHOOT!  So we made plans to meet up and I got the kids dressed and we went to Walgreen's really quick for a couple things and luckily, my neighbor (and precious friend) went with us.  Came home, dropped off the goodies and ran to Starbucks.  Chris' parents got here pretty quick and we had a great chat.  Seems they were on an adventure across the West, and were on their way home.  I got to see pictures of an amazing cattle drive, and all kinds of cool things.  I am so incredibly grateful that my friend stayed with her cuties!  A) they are incredibly precious, and B) Dante wasn't so interested at first to see his Other Grandparents; he wanted to hang out with his buddy.

While we were getting ready to go, I realized that the DVR recorded Death Cab for Cutie's Storytellers episode.  I really only like them because of this song, and because the lead singer is married to one of my favorite actresses (Zooey Deschanel).  I never would have even heard this song if it wasn't for That Episode of Scrubs.  Have you seen the episode where JD and Turk hang out with George, who's on his deathbed, skipping their Steak Night?  I had seen that episode countless times before Chris passed, and last year, after he was gone, I saw it again, and this song caught my ear.  I sat and sobbed when I saw that episode and heard this song, and today was no different.  I skipped to this part of that Storytellers, and without even realizing what happened, I started sobbing.  Again.  Before I even knew what I was doing, I found myself singing along, in tears, clutching my framed photograph of Chris and one of our mutual friends.  If there was an upside to my crying like a limb fell off my body, Dante listened to me.  In between sobs, I asked him to please get into his seat in the stroller, and he did.

When the song was over, I wiped my face, found Dante's sippy cup and tucked him into the stroller with a blanket.  I ran downstairs and we were off.

Bless my precious son.  While I was in tears, before I asked him to sit in his stroller, he hugged my legs.  I think I am raising a very empathetic child, and I am sure that it's a good thing.  This is the gorgeous little boy that will kiss his sister when she cries.  When she was sleeping yesterday, he took her a comb and a couple binkies so she wouldn't be alone.  He gives her hugs and kisses and he will tell me "Scarlett mad" when she screams and my hands are full.  It's sweet.  Just when I thought I couldn't love that child anymore, he finds a way to make my heart swell.

I may be incredibly sad.  I may be missing a limb I didn't know I had until it was gone.  But gods help me, I am so incredibly blessed.  I know it, and I am incredibly grateful.

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