Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Feet!

I'll post the song for the day later.  Right now, I have to write about how gorgeous my son is.  (Sick of me yet?)

He was wide awake at 2-3 am, yelling the alphabet at the top of his lungs.  I didn't have the heart to go in there and let him know that he'd get to sing it at his Toe Tappin' Toddler class.

Got him and Scarlett up and hauled butt to class.  We ran into our friends that got us hooked (ENABLERS!  ENABLERS!  Lol!)  and then Dante took the stairs like a champ and took his shoes off.  He then ran into the classroom and started flirting with the two little girls that came in after us.  We sang a few songs, Dante got to strum the auto harp, bang on a drum, play with a parachute and balls and bubbles...he's now an addict!  He even got to strum his instructors' guitar when we sang the goodbye song!  It blows my mind how his mind works.  He was attentive, charming, sweet...he really came close to getting my heart to beat out of my chest.

And my some odd miracle, Scarlett slept through the whole class!  She slept all the way to my besties house!

Once we got to my besties house, I plopped Dante down in front of the chicken nuggets he requested and I got a little downtime.  All in all, this was an awesome day!

Now I get to try and figure out what headspace I'm in and find a song for today....

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