Monday, October 17, 2011

Days 16 and 17

I didn't touch my computer from around 2am yesterday until about half an hour ago.  I feel ... off.

Then again, I've always been a bit off; 'bout damn time I felt it, non?

Right.  So....

I just love this song.  I love that no matter where I was, or who I was with, if this song came on, I thought of Chris.  This song is like an audible hug.  I appreciate that now even more than I used to.

I can't help but not make comments and just sigh.  If I let myself, I can momentarily forget that he's gone.  The longer I keep posting these songs, the more glaring and painful it is.  But he always noted that I'm notorious for not finishing what I start, so gods help me, I am going to see this through.


Another karaoke post.  He sang this one really well, too.  More than once, I witnessed his prowess with this particular tune get him either a phone number or a drink.  (Or both.)  Seriously.  And on more than one occasion, we discussed this song and its psychology.

I butchered so many songs, but this one I was actually consistently good with.  Once, he told me it was because, obviously, this song is about being my particular breed of nut.  I punched him in the arm, we finished our drinks, and got on with our night.

There was this one bar we went to on Juan Tabo (gods help me, I can't remember the name!) and once, this drunk girl decided she was going to annihilate this song beyond recognition.  The look on her face was that of embarrassment,  shame, and shock, so in a flash, I ran up behind her and sang loudly over her shoulder.  Then she got a bit quieter and put her arm around me and we finished it together.  Kinda.  She then bought my drink, ordered herself a coffee and a cab ride, and she was gone in two songs.  Chris just sat at our table, chuckling the whole time, and he thanked me, too.  It was HORRENDOUS what that girl was doing to this song!  LOL!

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