Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4

I'm posting two videos today, and I'll explain why....

This is my karaoke post.  We used to sing karaoke at a couple different bars around ABQ, and he sang this SO WELL!  If you were standing outside when he sang this, you'd swear the dj was just blasting Megadeth.  He had perfect pitch, the perfect tone...it was insanely awesome to watch/see!

And this is the song that I butchered week after week.  He never bitched, just gave me a hug.  Every time.  Kinda weird, now that I think about it.  But I guess that's all I can do, right?  Think...and think...and think....


Yet another thing that we always did that we'll never get to do again.

On that note (ha!), I am going to bed.

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