Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15

These are from cd's that he had that didn't make it ripped to his hard drive, but I loved giving him smack about them.  Every time I admired his collection, these two cd's (and there's one more, but that's for later) stood out like a sore thumb.

Oh, the crap I gave him for this.  I never understood why he had it, and Chris being Chris, he never even tried to justify it.  He'd just shrug, and divert my attention, which is quite easy when you have my attention span.

I'm fairly certain it was this Mariah Carey album he had.  I just remember spraining my eyebrow when I saw it between all those industrial, ebm and metal cd's.  Quite amusing.  I know there are skeletons of odd things in my collection, but I think it's different in my case.  I have New Kids on the Block tapes that I got in 5th grade.  Very different from being a Megadeth fan in your late teens purchasing a Mariah Carey album.  =P

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