Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12

Only one song today....

There isn't an actual video for this song and that makes for a sad Brandy.  I love this song, and I love why I love it.  Let me explain.  I told Chris that I was going to see And One here in Denver, and he told me that The Echoing Green was opening for them.  He suggested I find them online and give them a listen before the show so I'd know what to expect, and I decided I wanted a surprise.  He told me that a mutual friend was taking classes from the bands mastermind and lead singer, Joey, and I was intrigued.  (The Echoing Green is from ABQ.)  But I waited, like a good little girl.  I figured it would be like Christmas in February.  (2008, if you're curious.)

I dragged my bestie to the show, and we had fun before the bands even started.  It was nice to get out and such.  As soon as they took the stage, she recognized the live key player.  Seems she went to HS with him!  What are the odds?  I forgot the name of the band he was actually in, but they're pretty good, too.  (They opened for another band I saw.  Damn, I wish I remembered their name!)

As soon as this song started, I felt something stir in my innards, and I fell in love with this song by the time he got to the chorus the first time.  I decided in that second that I needed to own this album.  (I actually bought it the next day at Vendetta Records, another indie record store that no longer exists.  Damn.)

I called Chris the next day gushing about how much I loved The Echoing Green and thanked him repeatedly for telling me about them.  I'm sure if he hadn't, I would have gotten there late and spent the last bit of their set outside chain smoking.  I am so glad I was there on time to give them a listen.  In hindsight, I'm sure I amused the hell out of him, I'm just this side of insane....

I can't help but sit and wonder where on Earth I'd be if Chris hadn't made his way into my life.  He's saved me on numerous occasions, and he gave me a different, albeit warped, perspective that I'd never think to think about.  I'm sad that I missed time with him while he was in Michigan.  I'm sorry that I missed his entire stint in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm incredibly sorry that I missed as many moments as I did.

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