Thursday, October 27, 2011

Days 26 and 27

TWICE I heard this song while trying to get here to Las Cruces:  Once on the first trip to the airport, and I tried to ignore it, and again at 7-11 before we went to the airport at 5am yesterday.  I took it as a sign.

Chris is the one that introduced me to this band, and he still liked them, I think, after I gave up on them.  I think I wore this cd out, for one, and two, I saw them on Leno.  She can't carry a tune!  This is all in-studio artwork, not talent.  But this song brought back so many memories when I heard it (twice) and I barely stopped myself from crying both times I heard it.


Oi.   So here I am in Las Cruces, and I am trying very hard to keep it together.  Monday is gedtting here faster than I had imagined it would, and I'm getting to bat shit crazy faster than I thought was possible...

This is the song Scarlett was born to.  Her eyes are still an amazing blue that make me miss him even more if I stare at them long enough.  While I'm not sure if he was a Diorama fan, this has to go somewhere in this mess....

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