Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are "Jackals" the Animal You Were Going For?

Kayla came and we went to Starbucks for a quick cup of joe before running to the airport.  Got to the airport at about 115p!  PERFECT, because my flight was at 3pm!  Then we didn't find a parking space until 225pm.  Seriously.  We ran inside, got to an agent at the counter, and I nearly hit her.  She laughed and took about 7 minutes to check in my one bag and Dante's car seat (remember that:  WE CHECKED HIS CAR SEAT!) and then she told us that there was no way we were gonna make it.  As she was checking us in, I had asked for a gate pass for Kayla, and it wasn't until after she gave us a lecture about getting to the airport on time that she printed one up for her.  We put Dante in the stroller and RAN to TSA.  There, the little old bitty read every syllable of both mine and Dante's boarding passes and then, even though mine had my name and Scarlett's, she tried to tell me that Scarlett needed her own boarding pass even though she's a lap infant.  Set her straight, then we waited for the 5 people in front of us to go through.  I had to take Dante's jacket off, get all the liquids out of my bag, get my laptop out of the bag, take off my shoes, get Scarlett out of her car seat, put the car seat, bags, laptop, all of it AND THE STROLLER on the conveyor belt, and then we had to put it mostly back together again and we RAN to gate 40.  I saw the door close as I got there, and was told "Sorry, we waited as long as we could" as I'm struggling to breathe and crying my eyes out.  That jackass then told me to go to the Customer service desk and there, the "lady" that helped us spent the whole time (aside from a phone call to over sell a flight) on her personal cell phone trying to find out when she can get her flu shot.  She had the AUDACITY to tell me to rent a hotel room nearby so I could be here on time and gave me a lecture about being here two hours early.  I WAS EARLY.  THERE WERE NO GODDAMN PARKING SPOTS ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE TERMINAL.  So we schlep back to the parking lot when we realized that Dante's car seat was in the air.  I made an angry phone call to the fine folks at reservations, and I had to explain FIVE TIMES that yes, I know Dante doesn't need a car seat on the plane, but he DOES need one to get home in a car.  The asshat I spoke with, Craig, was such a fucking idiot, I wanted to hit him.  The first agent I spoke with said that Craig from Help Desk was here in Denver, and I was so very tempted to illegally drive with Dante merely buckled in to the call center and wait for him. Let him take us home and get the ticket.  Finally, I got so pissed I was headed toward the counter when I had posted my predicament on Facebook, and a friend told me I could borrow a loaner.  So we went and picked up a loaner and came home.  Dante's diapers are in Albuquerque, so I was so happy to hear that my friend and neighbor could bring a couple up for me.  Phew!

This has been a shitty day, and I really want to hit a few people.  Instead, I am going to take a 30 minute nap with my little girl.

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