Monday, October 17, 2011

I Wondered, and Now I Know

Today (Sunday, for those that sleep regular hours) was one of our Usual Sundays.  We got up, made breakfast, I got the kids dressed and fed and we went to Starbucks so I could get my Sunday papers.  (Yes.  Papers, plural.  I get 3 every week.  CRAZY COUPON LADY ALERT!)  We got there, and I got my coffee, got my papers, and I took us outside so I could get my vitamin D and sort the inserts.

I got all my inserts together and picked out the weekly ads I needed and I was going through them as Dante ran laps around the patio.  He was playing right next to me on the higher part of the patio close to Bombay Bowl when all of a sudden, he started WAILING.  He showed me his thumb and it looked like a black thorny sticker.  I couldn't get it from the angle I was at, and I had him run around the railing to me since the stroller had me pinned and it was easier for him to get to me.  He climbed into my lap with his thumb in my face, and upon closer inspection it looked like a bee stinger.  And it was.  I was able to get it with one of my longer nails and I kissed his thumb until he started to breathe normally.  Just a few short minutes later, he was running laps again, and you'd never know that he was recently stung by a bee.  That stinger was in his cuticle, which may have been his saving grace.

I looked where he was playing and I got a couple pictures of the offending bee as it writhed and finally died.  It was a tiny little sucker, not even an inch long.  I'm thinking Dante had no idea what it was, but since it was in a pile a leaves, it was fair game.

We hung out for a little bit more, and then we went home.  After I put him down for his nap, I started working on my coupons, and now I think I need to buy more baseball card pages.  Crazy, right?  I"m pretty impressed.

Not sure why I'm still up.  Last night (Saturday night, I guess), we went to bed around 2am, and I was up again at 5 (to feed the sweetheart), again at 8a, then 1030am.  Then I got to sleep until almost 2pm since My Love took over for me.  Pretty much doing the same tonight, except instead of sleep, I am watching the news and getting the latest on the protests and all the other stuff I care about.  I love being caught up with the news.  =D

So, I have some more to read.  I just really wanted to share with y'all what happened to Dante.  But I'm glad he's not allergic.  No swelling, no fever, no chills, just pain, confusion, then it was forgotten.  Whew!

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