Thursday, June 30, 2011

How in the...?

The past few days have been odd.  First off, I got the Official Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis last week.  Imagine my delight.  Then, to top it off, Dante has thrown himself into his role as a terrible toddler.

He's been throwing more tantrums, making me believe that my bi-polar tendencies are genetic.  Case in point:  Today I took him to Il Vicino for some pizza, and he threw a fit when I attempted to put him in a booster seat.  I had to have the server take it away and tickle him to get him to stop screaming.  Then he wanted to play with our table number.  He would take the placard out of the holder, then demand I put it back.  Then he'd cry that I took it from him in order to put it back.  THEN, he thought he'd slam the SOB on the table.  I said no, he did it again, I took it away, he cried.  I tickled, gave him most of the tuna from my Pescatore salad and he was happy again.

We went to Rite Aid because a) it's next door to Sunflower, where we were headed and b) I needed to see why I have yet to receive my rewards card that I signed up for a few weeks ago.  He threw a fit and nothing was accomplished...I may have chewed out the elderly manager.  My bad.

But by the time I got him next door to Sunflower, he was perfectly happy.  He was so cute!  I smell the cantaloupes to see if they're ripe, and he wanted to smell, too.  He pointed at the bunch of tomatoes on the vine I should grab, and he sang the alphabet while I picked out hamburger buns.  He also said "Hi!" and blew kisses at our cashier.  (*FACEPALM*)

Then we had to run to Target for a couple things and he was a doll until we got to the checkout.  Then he decided he wanted to climb from the cart onto the conveyor belt.  I barely caught him in time.  Sigh.

And tonight, we put him down around 11.  A bit early (by our standards), but he's already woken up 3 times. The first time, Daddy went in.  By the second time, Daddy was asleep, so I went in, sang a few songs (how did I forget the words to 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley?  I'm slipping!) and then just a bit ago he woke up, but I let it go, and he was back out in ten.

Le' Sigh.

In other news, I get even more tired of being pregnant by the minute.  I can't bend over if I'm sitting on the couch, and I've been forgetting to check my blood sugar one hour after I eat, then I snack on something and the timer starts all over again.  Ugh.  But I think the extra vitamin D and cinnamon are the very least, when I DO remember to test on time, the numbers are good.  Even after angel food cake, lite cool whip and fresh strawberries.  And a sh*t ton of cantaloupe.  (Some people do drugs, I eat fruit.)

But I think I am going to finish up my stupid games and get to bed.  I'm finally starting to get tired.  Odd.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mrs. Jones Did My Laundry! (Product Review)

First off, let me say that I paid for a 5 wash sample of Mrs. Jones' Soapbox Laundry Soap.  She refers to it as the "Pert Plus of laundry detergents" and she's right.  I was thrilled to open my mailbox and smell this soap in all its glory!  I did a happy dance all the way upstairs; thrilled that I got to give this stuff a shot!

After my nap, I got the laundry together, grabbed a spoon and rolled my laundry down the hall.  Now, these machines are high capacity HE machines, so I used a heaping baby spoon and a half per load.  What you guys have to understand here is that I have neighbors who use a certain inexpensive laundry powder that smells...icky.  Since someone thought it'd be a great idea to leave a wet load in a washer, I got to only do one load first before I got to come back to do the other two.

That first load was The Test.  It was my husbands clothes, and I sniffed as I pulled them out of the wash, and they just smelled CLEAN.  No cologne left over, no human odor, no nasty soap smell left over from my neighbors.  I happily put the other two loads in and threw Hubby's wet stuff in the dryer.  (Ok, Dante put most of Daddy's clothes in the dryer.  I got the video to prove it!  Such a precious little 2 year old!)

I went back 60 minutes later to find dry clothes that smelled like NOTHING.  There was no scent!  I knew then that I was hooked.  There was no residue, no lingering scent that I had to pray smelled ok with each of our respected deodorants or perfumes/colognes.  I didn't use any extra fabric softener, no dryer sheets, and my clothes had NO static cling, and the towels were just as fluffy as they had been when I over did the softener.

Long story short, this stuff is AMAZING.  I cannot express how happy I am with her laundry detergent, and I can't wait to try out the rest of her cleaning supplies!  Visit her Etsy Shop and order away!  Trust me!  For about the same price as 90 loads of Tide, you can order over 200 loads from Mrs. Jones' Soapbox!  Happy washing!  =D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Great Quote I HAVE to Share

we are all human beans. with a little water and sunlight and some kind words of encouragement we can really grow into something. but your roots need to be strong so as to endure the inevitable storms and droughts and harsh words. And yes... some of us will need miracle grow. - Kirk Fox

Let's all sit and ponder this for a minute.  Let's all say a few kind words more often than not.  Let's all offer water and sunlight to our fellow human beans.

Track Lists

I am going to need some help, here.  I am starting to pack my hospital bag (because I am a neurotic Girl Scout!) and I know I will need at least 3 cd's to get through labor:  1)  "Slow But Steady Wins the Race"  2)  "You Got This!!!!" and 3)  [stealing the title of a Combichrist song for good reason] "Get Your Body Beat."

Here are some of my early ideas, feel free to leave suggestions so I can search for these songs and figure it out!

Disc 1)
Caught a Lite Sneeze - Tori Amos
Every Day is Like Sunday - Morrissey
Come Closer - Tarkan
Tonight and the Rest of My Life - Nina Gordon
Near You Always - Jewel
Center of the Sun - Conjure One
Silence - Delerium
Maybe an Angel - Heather Nova
Invisible and Silent - Covenant
Damaged - Assemblage 23

Disc 2)
On A High - Duncan Sheik
I Want All of You - The Verve Pipe
Human Behaviour - Bjork
Caged Bird - Shroud
Mexican Moon - Concrete Blonde
Blue - The Birthday Massacre
Another World - Beborn Beton
Once in a Lifetime - Wolfsheim

Disc 3)
(the aforementioned) Get Your Body Beat - Combichrist
Blood - System Syn
Warlock - Skinny Puppy
We Stand Alone - Covenant
Isolation of a Realist - System Syn
Headhunter V1.0 - Front 242
Spark - Assemblage 23
Document - Assemblage 23
I am the Rain - Assemblage 23
Let the Wind Erase Me - Assemblage 23
Saviour (Vox) - VNV Nation

I can't tell a lie.  Every song on the 3rd disc as it sits is a song that Chris loved.  Most of these songs, we've danced to.  *sigh*

But I think the general vibe of the other 2 is pretty straightforward.  Any ideas?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That Was Weird...

We went downstairs to the patio to draw with chalk, and while we were out there, a friendly neighbor came outside to chat with Dante.  I forget her name (BAD BRANDY!  Whoops!), but she's so nice!  She's probably in her late 50's and she's a wheelchair ridin' amputee.  She was so sweet, showing Dante how to work the brakes on her chair, and tried explaining nicely that she can't draw on the ground with his chalk that he kept handing her.

So he played with his my water, tried grabbing my phone, and I chatted with our sweet neighbor.  After she left, he was completely misbehaving, so I brought him and all our stuff upstairs and I threw on some Play With Me Sesame while I convinced him it was naptime.  I must've done a great job.  One of the little snippets on PWMS was "Baby Fats Domino" singing "Shake Your Rattle and Roll" and at the end, the babies fall asleep.  Dante points at the screen excitedly and says "Mimi's!"  So I asked him if he wanted to sleep and he nodded.  So I got him a new glass of water and asked him if he wanted his Spiderman night light and he said yes.  So we went together to turn on his night light, he threw his glass of water in his crib, and asked to be picked up.  I put him in, went through our routine and he didn't complain!

I came out of his room, plopped on the couch, and I heard him sing to himself without getting frustrated....for over an hour.  He never got mad, just sang to himself.  And now he's asleep.  As much as I hate the idea of him being hooked on a night light, if that little addition to our routine makes him not scream like I stab him regularly, than I am all for it!

That being said, since he's out, I think I will go down for a few to recharge.  I work better when my head isn't spinning....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Terrible 2's Can Kiss My Tush

For the last week, getting Dante to sleep either at nap time or bed time has been the basic equivalent of trying to nail jello to a tree:  Useless.  I wear him out, get him to where he's rubbing his eyes and almost to sheer lethargy, and as soon as I pick him up and head for his room, the TANTRUM starts.  I can't deal with this.  He's not the only person here that needs sleep.  I'm not putting him down for a nap or to sleep to be an ass; I'm doing it for our mutual benefit.  But, no.

Little Miss must be able to hear Dante's screams, because when he acts up and yells, she wiggles.  Right now, Dante is yelling, Little Miss is wiggling, and I can't keep my eyes open!  It screams of UNFAIR.  I am about to pull out my hair.  I'm already having a low day, and Dante screaming like a banshee isn't making this any better for me.  I know he's tired; he hasn't slept!  What the heck am I supposed to do?  I'm incredibly tempted to just jump out the window...I'm tired!!!  He's tired!!  AAAARRRRGGGGH!

Anyone want to buy a really cute 2 year old?  He may not be potty trained, but he sure is precious!  *sigh*

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So, I asked a popular name blogger (You Can't Call It "It!") for advice, and here are some of the suggestions she had...I will put a * by the names I love, and let me know what you think!


*Adela- Spanish, “noble”– like Xipil
Araceli- Spanish, “altar of the sky”- could pay tribute to Christopher with the meaning
Belen- Spanish form of Bethlehem, used in Mexico as a given name.
*Calixta- Spanish form of the Greek Kallistos, “most beautiful.”  I love how Dante and Calixta are old world names.  You also get the C for Chris and the X from Xipil.
*Celia- A great name in English and Spanish, you are so lucky to have this in your family!  Also a C name for Chris.
Cristina, Cristiana, Christabel- Lovely names that relate to your friend and also pay homage to your heritage.
Guadalupe- See above– wolf.
*Ibarra- For your grandmother.  This may sound odd as a first name to Spanish speakers (?), but could make a wonderful middle.
Lupe- Again, WOLF!
*Nereida- Spanish, “sea sprite”, from the Greek.  I’m not sure what your relationship is to the sea, but this name just jumped off the page at me.
Socorro- Spanish, “help, relief”– could represent life after Christopher’s passing.
Violeta- The violet represents love, fidelity, and modesty among other things.
Ylva- Old Norse for wolf.
*Ximena- Spanish, may be a form of Simon, meaning “he has heard.”
*Xochitl- Nahuatl for flower, used in Mexico.
*Xiomara- Spanish, “famous in war.”  A traditional X name that pairs well with Xipil.

Combinations I love for you:
Lupe Christabel
Cristiana Ylva
Ximena Christabel
*Ximena Ylva
Ylva Cristina
*Ylva Calixta Christiane

Some of the commenters had great ideas, too!
Citlali Siobhan (Citlali means star, Siobhan is the female equivalent of Sean, my best friend's middle name)
Celita (A variation of Cielito, so essentially, a piece of heaven.)
I have my work cut out for me.  I actually think having this many options was the equivalent of shooting myself in the foot.  I am armed with some pretty good names, though...I just have no idea how I am going to choose.  I'm fairly certain this will be the last chance I have to name a new human being, and I am taking the job very seriously.  I know, me doing things seriously seems so unlike me, but this poor child will have this name forever, unless it's so horrible she changes it, or when or if she gets married, but that's just the last name.  She gets to put this on resumes and college applications...GAH!  It's making my head spin!
I think I am going to start dinner and try to unravel my brain...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Squishy Pondering Face

I think Dante is hitting a "difficult" stage.  I hate saying it, since it might tempt the Universe, but he's been quite testy lately.  Monday night, I had 4 mini donuts, and I was kind enough to give him one.  When I wouldn't hand over another, he threw himself on the ground and had a Hissy to end all Hissies.  I flat out refused, and he was grumpy for at least another ten minutes.

Today, (er, Tuesday), we went to see my best friend.  He got angry if I locked him out of the kitchen, and threw a couple more tantrums that made me wonder what's going on in his head!  I have been trying for awhile to not give in to his every whim, yet still show him that he's my Universe.  Earlier tonight (or last night, since I haven't slept yet and you probably have) he threw himself on the ground and cried for FIFTEEN minutes because I gave him milk instead of juice.  Seriously.  Then, once he was thirsty, guess what he drank?  You guessed it - his milk.  

I am not quite sure what is going on in his melon or how to address it.  It's very weird for him, yet common according to what I've been reading.  I can't just give him whatever he wants!  The last thing I  (or the rest of the world, for that matter) need(s) is a kid who thinks he's entitled to whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  The world doesn't work like that.  But his cries and pleas are so gut-wrenching, I'd hate if he pulls that in public, for one.  It physically pains me to have him behave like this.

Usually when he gets upset in public, it's because I get a good grip on his hand and wrist when we walk through a crowded parking lot and he wants to run free.  If people are around, I joke that I'm a big meanie for wanting to make sure he doesn't get flattened by a Colorado driver.  And most people who see and hear it smile and that's the end of it.  But what do I do if he's in the cart at Target and he wants every Elmo item he sees?  He'll throw his sippy cup, or take off his shoes and throw them, and I'm left feeling (and looking) like the bad guy.

Oh, well.  In other "news," this hiatal hernia is getting worse, thanks to there being less room for Little Miss to stretch out.  Who needs breath mints when the Drug Gods invented Tums?  Bending over is now more of a serious issue since every time I do, it feels like she's trying to escape via belly button.  Which stinks since the veggie drawer is on the bottom of the fridge.  And that's where I have been hiding the broccoli, the grapes and the green chile - my three main vices.  Sigh.

On a brighter note, I am very much looking forward to my baby shower this Saturday.  I can't wait to see some of my favorite people!  That in and of itself is the best part!  I'm pretty lucky in the friend department!  I've got some great people on my team, and that means more to me than anything else.  I may not have money, but I am rich in the friend department, and that is much more rewarding.

Considering it's about 430am, I think I need to at least TRY to sleep.  Especially since our fantastic maintenance guy, Hector, was able to fix our AC.  That man deserves Sainthood when you take into account not only his handyman and cleaning skills, but the amount of crap he puts up with and never complains.  I've seen what some of the idiots in this building have done to it, and he just shakes his head, figures out what needs to be done, and does it.  I wish there were more people like him in the world.

Anyways, good night!  Or good morning.  You know who you are. ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Naked Swim Time!

Today was a BLAST!  Dante and I went to go pick up Mindy and then the 3 of us went to Sunflower Market and we picked out a ton of fresh fruit and veggies, and I got a great deal on chicken, and I even picked up a little carton of coconut water.  On our way out of the store, he insisted on tasting the coconut water...he slurped at it like a dehydrated man trapped on a deserted island!  So I filled his sippy cup, and we took a 7 minute drive (tops) to K&G and by the time we got there, that cup was drained!  I parked in front of K&G (had to get Hubby a new belt) and I saw Little Anita's and had to go in for at least a bowl of posole.  And Dante said he wanted food in his belly, so off we went!  He was so happy I got him his own "small" (20+ oz) glass of horchata and he loved his quesadilla and beans and rice!  Am I weird?  I love watching my son eat.  When he wants to, he'll go at it with such a reckless abandon, it warms my heart.  Everyone should love and live the way this little boy does!

After I got Hubby's new belt, us Musketeers went to Albertson's for the bad ass sales they had going on!  More blueberries!  Milk!  Such amazing prices!  Ah, I love saving money.

Took Mindy home and came back home to put all those groceries away.  As soon as the groceries were put away, we went downstairs to meet up with our neighbors and she brought her kiddie pool, and two 5 gallon jugs of water.  I had Dante in a swim diaper and a basketball shirt and short set, but not for long....

After he was in the pool for a little bit, he took off his shorts.  Then he lifted up his shirt and came at me with his hands up, so I took off his shirt.  I figured it wasn't a big deal for him to be in just his swim diaper...until he took that off, too.  Oi.  So I had a naked baby running all over the patio, squealing like I would had we just won the lottery.  He was thrilled to be naked and free as a bird.  Again, I truly believe we should all live the way my son does.  He enjoys every second he's given, and I hope he never outgrows that!

He's currently out for a nap (*WHEW!*) and I have dinner to make.  I just had to share my little bit of joy today.  I am such a lucky little b-otch.  I don't know what I did right to get such an awesome little boy, but I hope I keep it up!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Attack of the Almost 3 Foot Wiggleworm

I got Dante up, and dressed, and got him his milk.  I packed along his new Superman book from his Auntie Anndie and we took off.

We got to Rose Medical Center and here's where I digress because it pissed me off.  As we were parking, there was an elderly couple getting out of their car.  The gentleman was using a walker, and his wife was on the hefty side.  From where they were parked, there were two options to get him to the ER.  They could either walk around and risk getting hit by a car, or this poor guy with a walker had to hand the walker to his wife and attempt the stairs.  I offered to help, but in my current state, he refused.  So I held the door for them, and pondered the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This guy was in no shape to be taking stairs; he was there to get to the ER for Pete's sake!  Grr.  

So we met up with the Labor and Delivery tour group and Dante just turned on the charm like he had an internal switch!  We all get to the elevator and make our way to the Maternity floor, and Dante was VERY excited to see all the baby pictures that lined the halls.  We made our way to the labor/delivery room to take a peek (A FULL SIZE TUB!  THAT I'LL ACTUALLY FIT IN!  YAY!) and while we were in there and getting questions answered, Dante decided to play on the fold out sofa another lady and I were sitting on.  Not too bad.

From there, we went to the postpartum room to take a look see and here's where the fun started:  Dante found the breast pump.  So we are listening to our tour guide, and the next thing we all heard was the "whoosh whoosh" of the breast pump motor.  He Then grabbed his new book from my purse, sat with it for a New York minute and then noticed that the bed had electronic controls.  He didn't make it go up and down or side ways, but he did manage to make it beep.  Then, he tried to climb it, but it was raised too high, and he couldn't get a grip.  *facepalm*

So from here, we go back to the lobby to ask more questions, and Dante just flirted SHAMELESSLY with a cute little 15 month old who was there with her parents.  I did get some of my big questions answered, and now I just have to quiz the daylights out of my doc.  

I am incredibly excited, and I am very happy with the choice I made to deliver there.  Everyone was so very nice, and it seems like they will actually listen to me and take my concerns seriously, which should be nice.  Wouldn't know, considering how horrible my experience was with the hospital I had Dante at.  I'm all about nice changes of pace!

I think it's slowly sinking in for Dante that as much as I love him, he's not going to be my only baby forever.

But for now, I am going to sit back, enjoy some ice cold water and some news that I recorded, and contemplate getting up to make dinner.....  

Am I Crazy?

I signed up to do a hospital/birthing center tour tonight....and I'm taking Dante.  I figure he'll be better prepared if he can see where I am going to be and maybe he'll get a handle on what's going on.  I also have to pre-register, and I may as well do it all in one shot.  I figure in a few weeks I can take him back for their little class for big siblings so they learn that Mama still loves them, even when they are nursing the new intruder.  I want this to be a smooth transition for him, and while I have a general idea of how well this is going to go over with him (like a turd in a punch bowl...) but I still want him to have information stored in his grey matter!

The best part of today (aside from the 10 minutes I got to see my friend Scott) was the awesome box of awesome-ness I got today!  My friend back home sent me a care package! It's stuffed to the gills with cute baby girl outfits, a book for Dante, boob pads (leaks suck!), cinnamon capsules and binkies for Little Miss!  I am so incredibly grateful!  I have such amazing friends!

I'm sure I'll have an interesting story or two after our tour of the hospital tonight, so check back tomorrow, since I may not be able to blog until after my boys are asleep! =D