Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mini Reunion! And a MESS.....

Whew!  What a day!  Woke up, made plans to visit with a friend who is in town to see her Gramma (and her new baby boy!  YAY) and our other local friend,  then while we were on the phone, my left contact lens jumped out of my eye.  It just jumped ship!  So I took out my right lens and figured since I needed to throw on another pair, I'd switch colors while I was at it.  So I easily stuck a honey colored one into my right eye, but my left wasn't having it.  Realizing I was short on time, I just threw on my geek glasses and went for Dante.

I was in a rush, so I just ran in, scooped him up and we were then getting the both of us and his sister dressed.  We ran to the Panera Tiffany and I agreed on, and it was no biggie.  Dante sang the clean up song (kinda) and we got there just a few minutes late.  Whoops.

Had a great time at Panera!  The coffee was delicious, the food was great, and the company was incredible.  Howard is incredibly precious (I reaaaaallllly want to eat his squishy cheeks!) and Dante was charming, and Scarlet is just a gorgeous little sight to behold no matter where we are.  LOL!

We were there for a bit, and after Tiffany left to take her sweet boy back to Gramma's for a bath, Jill joined Dante, Scarlett and myself at Target.  We did well!  I saved over 25 bucks, so yay for me!  Ha!

Got home, made mac and cheese for the wee boy, and I was about to put him to bed because he was obviously running on fumes when I go grab his water cup....and there's a MESS on his sheets.  It looked like a 5 foot rabbit slept there last night, and I forgot to lay down the newspaper.  It was pellets all over!  Crap!  (Literally!)  So I ran to kitchen, grabbed paper towels, got them all up, and threw the sheet in the laundry pile. Then I realized this was the 2nd time his diaper has done this THIS WEEK and there are no more sheets for him.  So I said "SCREW IT!" and got all the kids laundry together.  I figure since Scarlett's been going through sheets, too (she FILLS a diaper with every feed, and she wakes up and SCREAMS if I change her at night!), it was a good idea to just get it all together for a hot water wash and a little extra laundry soap.  So, I have a cranky 2 year old yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" down the hall as I get a kids load into the washer, a sleeping Scarlett locked in the apartment as I'm down the hall, furiously (on more than one level) shoving kids stuff into a washer and getting it started.  

Came back, fed Scarlett (for the second time since we got back!), and got the bulk of the rest of the laundry together. I usually do it on Sundays, but since I started that one load, why stop there?  Had to switch the kiddie stuff and throw the other stuff in the laundry before Hubby got home, so again, it was a mad dash to the laundry room with an even more cranky Dante and a sleeping Scarlett locked away again.  Got home to a confused hubby, hahaha!  He was standing in the foyer, asking where we were when I was holding the laundry basket in my hand.  And had told him I had started a load over an hour earlier.  His real confusion was Scarlett's whereabouts, and I just pointed in the direction of our room where her bassinet is.

Made an almost healthy dinner (chili dogs made with turkey chili and potato salad) and then as soon as Dante's sheets were dry, he went to bed!!!!!  And since I washed all of his bedtime buddies, he got them back!  As soon as Dante was in bed, I made a batch of break apart, bake yourself cookies, and I must say, the oatmeal chocolate chip ones are INSANE!  *droooool*

I can't believe how much Scarlett has had to eat today!  I'm waiting to be able to see her from space!  But alas!  She is still skinny enough to pick your teeth with, and longer than I thought was possible.  It's cute!  She's like a spaghetti noodle!  *giggle*  

That little girl is too damn gorgeous for words.  When I picked her up earlier to feed her, change her diaper and change her pj's (WET!) (Oh, and her sheets!  Again!), she was fussy until I put her on the ground to change her.  Then she looked me dead in the eye, smiled, cooed, and kicked me.  

Have you ever taken a step back just to take it all in?  If you haven't, I must recommend it.  Step outside of yourself and take a look around.  I know I don't have much in the way of material goods, but what I have that is intangible is also immeasurable.  I have a gorgeous family, amazing friends, and a fantastic extended family.  I am mostly healthy aside from seasonal allergies and a problem with authority, and I'm madly in love with everything I have.  I think if everyone loved what they had (regardless of how little) and appreciated it, this world would be amazing.

I will say, though, that my eyes hurt.  I'm thinking it's because they are used to having their correction ON them instead of IN FRONT OF them,,,Oh, well.  I'll live.  I'm willing to bet that I will feel better after a little shut eye.  I am looking forward to seeing one of my dearest friends tomorrow and her baby girl.  

Eye pain aside, I think I am going to play my silly games, roll a few more smokes, make a few more bottles and hit the hay.  I think I am just going to grab the coupon inserts and wait til I get to NM to cut them out and sort them.  It can be a Mother/Daughter "craft" while kids sleep.  I also have to wash sheets and a few more blankets tomorrow so I can start packing.  I should also go through Scarlett's 3-6 month clothes and wash them since they are currently stored.  Oooo...those I can actually wash at Mom's.  I hope I remember to take my super cool laundry soap with me.  

I am off to fight vampires, build a fictitious city, and test my trivia....

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