Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 7 and 8, While I'm Here....

I didn't spend a whole of time on the computer was lovely.

This one goes hand in hand (for obvious reasons) with this:

I actually considered naming Scarlett "Carmina" because of these two songs.  When I first heard "Love Never Dies," I knew I knew where I'd heard that sample, and it was Chris that found the opera for me.  I went over, he turned in on, cranked up "O Fortuna" and we sat on his patio and watched the sun set, Dr. Peppers in one hand, Camels in the other.  And there was nothing to say, which - for us - was an oddity.  Usually, we could talk like our mouths were on fire, but we just sat.  And enjoyed beautiful music and the gorgeous Albuquerque sunset.


He tried quizzing me with this song.  But the second I heard her voice, I knew who it was.  I am a HUGE fan of her music, and for once, he wasn't able to fool me.  LOL!

I am of the opinion that this song doesn't need any of my bull.  I picked this of all of her songs for obvious reasons.

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