Monday, October 24, 2011

Days 23 & 24

I am very excited for my trip to NM, so let's see what my brain looks for on YouTube....

HA!  Chris asked me to listen to this album, and I did.  And this is madly appropriate since I'm flying out of Denver tomorrow.....


I had to post this version of this song.  This song brings back some amazing memories, and this tour is when I got to see Skinny Puppy (Chris = Skinny Puppy for me...) with Chris in 2004.  There is no one else on Earth that I could have seen Skinny Puppy live with and been satisfied.  I feel like I have to clutch these memories to my chest as tight as I can.  

This trip is going to be rough.  The last time I was in LC, he was alive; we just weren't speaking.  Now that he's gone, and I am planning on still going to places we used to go, I may just randomly burst into tears.  If I'm going to see you while I'm there, don't be surprised.

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