Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Song a Day: Day One

I am going to post a song a day, give or take, that reminds me of Chris.  This is for me, but if you didn't have the pleasure of knowing him, consider this an introduction.  If you were lucky enough to know him, since he was quite the music hound, maybe this will bring you some joy like I hope it does for me.

I remember when I met him, and I thought he was two sheets to the wind.  I was freak friendly, and I figured he was another one of the freaks that I attract like fly paper.  I was always nice to him, and gave him the same snark I give everyone, and one day I was at Nabes (that space is a flower shop now, last time I looked...) and I was outside, like always, drinking coffee and chain-smoking with some friends and he pulled up in his silver MG and insisted I hear this song.  He was in his security uniform, and the grocery store that he "secured" was across the street, and since he was always a punctual guy, he had the time to make sure that I heard this song.  He heard it and thought of me, and in that second, I knew I was going to keep him come hell or high water.  I knew that even though I had dated one of his friends and it didn't work, what we had was a friendship that was anchored in a mutual love of music.  This song, as overplayed as it is, will always hold a place in my heart.  When I saw it live while I was pregnant with Dante, I cried.  It brought back the end of my teenage years for me, and reminded me why I was friends with him.  This was around the time he stopped talking to me (long story that I NEVER want to re-live) and it hurt.  I even got to meet Kristi Thursk and Leigh Nash that night, and I called him anyways, even though he wouldn't answer.  I hope he heard my message.

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