Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Clean Babies

Both babies are clean, fed, and asleep.

Earlier today, Dante and I ran to Kmart for paper plates, dishwasher tabs, and pizza.  I also got him Batman slippers.  I had to!  They are SO CUTE!  And my mom, my grandmother, and my mother in law all have tile in their homes.  This way he's less likely to slip, since he gets so excited.  Such a ball of fun, that boy.

I am very, VERY excited for our trip.  As per usual, I can't sleep.  But the apartment is sparkling and we're mostly packed.  I just need Dante's sleepy stuff (his dragon, gloworm and his Elmo lovey) and snacks and extra diapers and this here laptop.

I am so damn excited, I even went and got my teeth cleaned to try to bring myself down a notch.  Didn't work, and now my teeth are all sensitive.  They better be able to handle some massive chile consumption, or I'm demanding a refund.  Ha!

I can't wait to see my mom!  Sure, I saw her when Scarlett was born, but I was in a daze!  Not counting it!  Besides, she was here less than a week.  And I get to see my Gramma!  She may be a few decades older than me, but she's one of my best friends.  I get to see so many fantastic people!  I am doing a happy dance!  

But really, I have to pack this thing.  And make sure there is room for all the little things, like my camera and such.  I will keep posting throughout my trip...but YAY!  *happy happy joy joy dance*

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