Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What a Week!

I had a pretty excellent week, I can't lie...On Friday, I went to King Soopers to pick up a couple things and wound up meeting a friend who lives just a few blocks away.  Right after she got there I went to check out and I realized that my wallet was in my jacket.  At home.  So, I punk'd myself.  But my buddy was willing to get my decaf for me, so we chatted for a couple hours.  Always lovely to chat with a friend.

Saturday, my birthday, was pretty epic.  My friend Mindy took me (and Dante) out for lunch, and we went to Rooster and Moon (review to follow.)  We had a great lunch and then ran to Target for groceries, and after Target, I brought Dante home for a nap.  While he napped, I played around on the internet and was planning on hitting the hay, too, when I heard the door unlock.  What?  It was 4pm!  Hubby works from 130p to 10p!  He saunters in and shows me all these fantastic clothes that he picked out for me!  AND he brought me a torta from my favorite Mexican joint up North, Trompito.  So I put on an impromptu fashion show and  figured out what fit and what didn't.  He did a great job!  It was so awesome!  I love my husband! =D

After the shock wore off, I got Dante up and we went to a local Pirate fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and he had a blast!  He loved the slides, he loved my friend Heather, and he was his hard to catch self!  The zit on the evening was when a bottle of bubbles (Miracle Bubbles, my ass.) EXPLODED in my purse.  I was able to salvage the diapers, ultrasound pictures and my wallet,, but my checkbook was all but destroyed.  Yay.  So we took off and went to a Mexican market for fresh tortillas and then I took back the jeans that didn't fit.  Looked for a new purse or a new diaper bag, and I am just picky.  I am seriously considering buying a new sewing machine so I can make my dream bag.

Sunday was pretty mellow.  I only left to go grab a Sunday paper for the coupons and a cup of joe at the Starbucks downstairs.  I love being lazy on rainy days, so that was pretty awesome.  I did get laundry done, but when I have such a cute little helper, it's not really that bad of a chore.  Especially when there aren't obnoxious neighbors to get in my way.

Yesterday, we were going to go to Albertson's AND Target, but my cart's tiny passenger had other plans.  He was testing his "up" and "down" and then decided that my neatly organized coupon organizer was too neat for his liking and dumped it all out in the cart.  So I got to find an empty-ish spot of Target to reorganize the damn things  and then I pretty much gave up.  We went home, I put some food into him and put him down for a nap.  I was down for the count, too, so I passed out!

Woke up with a mean hankerin' for pizza, so I ordered pizza.  And it was gooooood.  Enjoyed some Being Human on SyFy, and put together a new rolling laundry hamper.  I felt like Super Mom, and Dante was my Super Helper, handing me the pipe-like pieces.  He is too damn cute, I swear.

I am a very, very happy Mama.  Life is good!


  1. Etsy for the diaper bag love. That is where I got mine.

    I am glad you had such a great week and such a wonderful bday.

  2. I will have to look when I have more time. Thanks for the heads up!

    And thanks! I love a good surprise! =D