Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Full Day at Elitch's

Has fewer roller coasters than I have been on today.  He woke up, and was lethargic and fever free.  Put him down for a short nap, and he woke up ready to tackle the Federal Budget.  (He knows as much math as most politicians, so it could work...)  Then I decided in a cloud of optimism to take him for a walk to get a couple things and well...that didn't end well.  At Family Dollar, I got him Big Boy pajamas and he insisted on carrying them on their hanger out of the store.  So I had to wrap them around themselves so he wouldn't drag them on the ground the whole walk home.

Then he flipped out when we walked into our building to drop off what we bought before heading over to Starbucks.  We got to Starbucks and I ordered him a mini donut, and he bit into it before she even finished ringing me up!  PROGRESS!  Sweet!

Then the roller coaster that is dealing with a sick monkey went over the edge, and he flipped out.  He started crawling under the benches outside and cried when he forgot how he got there.  I got him to stop crying by asking him if he wanted to call Gramma, and he stopped crying long enough for me to dial, and as soon as she answered, he started yelling and crying again.  So I packed up and brought us home.

When we got home, he got whiny, and I noticed he was warm again, so I gave him more Motrin and then it got weird.  He grabbed his pillows that I let him play with (not sleep with...yet.) and he tried to put them on the entertainment center, then when that didn't work, he put them on the floor.  He went to slam his head on a pillow and his head landed on the floor, which is solid cement covered with wafer thin carpet.  I doubt there's padding between the two.

That was when I calmed him down, put him in his new pj's and put him to bed.  He's been yelling off and on ever since.  I am so tired, and I wish he'd just GET BETTER ALREADY!  I am so tired, but most of all, I want him to not be hurting anymore.

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