Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whole Wheat Pita and Cheetos

So, Dante woke up around 1230pm today, and we had a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and fried hot dogs (weird, but that's how Gramma got my little brother to eat eggs, and now it's Dante's turn.).  And we watched some Sesame Street.  Of course.

Got him dressed and took him over to my neighbor's apartment so she could watch him, and I took a couple organic Braeburn apples and a banana for Dante, and ran out the door.  Grabbed some Starbucks and ran to my ultrasound appointment, hoping that if I got there early, they'd see me in a timely fashion.  I hate when I'm wrong.  My appointment was for 330pm, but they wanted me there at 315pm, so I got there at 310pm.  That was worthless.  I could have sat and read for a bit at Starbucks; instead I got to read "new parent" magazines in the lobby, while continuously glancing at the clock as my appointment time slipped away like low tide.

Finally was seen by the ultrasound tech (at 340p) and she apologized, since my chart wasn't even put up for her, so she had no idea I was waiting.  Granted, she was busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, but she obviously felt bad, so I did my best to hold my tongue.  She got one good shot that is good enough for me to show on Facebook, and the rest look like a science experiment.  She said they were great shots; exactly what my doc wanted, but all I saw was Alien vs. Predator.  Oh, well.  She also told me that this baby has a lot of hair, and she's right on track:  1 pound, 15 ounces and about a foot long.  I am so stoked!  I am sure that since I am so excited, I am going to have the longest 14 weeks of my life!  LOL!

Came home, got Dante, and since my neighbor had to hit the Family Dollar downstairs, we made it a field trip and all went together, since I wanted cookies.  Yeah, I know.  Mama wants cookies, Mama gets cookies.  And Dante wanted Cheetos.  He had about a third of one of the apples I left for him and a slice of whole wheat pita, so a few Cheetos aren't going to kill him.  Besides, I left him.  And he behaved and listened.  That warrants a treat!

But boy, oh boy was it nap time when we got back to our little bat cave!  He was an angry little bugger!  But I got to have a couple oatmeal cream pies (the devil, I tell you!) and I've been watching yesterday's episode of The Talk.  Which I will discuss in another post.

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