Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Patient Goes Out and About

So, I got to the doc's office just a little late, but they still squeezed us in.  I reiterated what I told Dr. C last night, and he gave Dante the once over, went over what I should and shouldn't give him, and we discussed his language development.  Dr. C is on board with me, telling me I am doing a great job, and that this just seems to be a little bug that should pass soon.  He wants me to give Dante a few ounces of Pedialyte an hour, rice, chicken soup, white bread and applesauce, so as soon as we left the office, we went to Target to pick up the few things my well stocked kitchen was lacking.

On the way home from Target, I called Gramma to let her know how Dante was doing and remembered that I forgot to get milk and applesauce at Target (SIGH), so we stopped at Albertson's for what I missed, and I picked up the stuff to make biscuits and sausage gravy.  So, dinner tonight is something Dante can have so he doesn't feel left out tonight.  He wouldn't like the gravy anyways (he doesn't like meat) so he can have applesauce, biscuits and I got him some chocolate wafers.  I figure that stuff and his vitamins and he'll be right as rain in no time.

So, my baby is asleep again.  When we got home, he followed me to the loo, and insisted we cuddle while I was...occupied.  But how could anyone resist that sad face?!?!  So I put him down when I was done and got to getting beans made, and he ran up to me, handing me the remote.  So I first tried to put on Sid the Science Kid, but he balked, so I put on Sesame Street.  I asked him who that orange fellow was, and he told me "Murray," so I figured he was just going to sit quietly and watch.  Got the beans started, threw in a quick load of dishes, and when I peeked at the couch, he was out cold, curled in a little ball.  I picked him up, changed his diaper, and he wanted me to put him down, so I did.  He then ran up the tv, ran back to me and curled in my lap.  So I checked his temp again (still 100.2!!!!) and gave him some Advil.  He curled back into my lap, and I waited a few before putting him back into his crib.  I put the fan on high, facing his general direction, and I hope that helps.    I can't help but worry.  Part of me wants to lie down, but the other part of me wants to quietly hover over his crib.  I won't, even though I really want to.

Sigh.  My poor little monkey!!

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