Friday, April 15, 2011

About Last Night...

That theoretically isn't over yet...

After Hubby got home, Dante puked on him.  It's like he waited....

So I checked his temp, got 102, and freaked out, and put him in a tepid bath, which pissed him off to no end.  And then it went downhill from there.  He was yo-yo-ing between 100.1 and 102, and we tried almost everything.  I put lotion in the fridge and then covered him in it, tried a cool compress, but he threw it.  Turned on the fan and played with him in front of it, switched between Motrin and Tylenol, and finally, right before we put him to bed, he had 1 1/2 saltines.  Put him to bed, and I fiddled on the internet, as per usual, and at around 5am, he woke up screaming.  So I hurried and hit the loo, and cuddled with him until he fell asleep.  I had a hard time sleeping because I was so incredibly worried.  And he cut off circulation in my arm, which is still a little sore.

At around 830am, he woke up and I heard him start to puke, so I directed him toward a towel that was miraculously next to the bed.  All it was was Pedialyte, but he still got a rinse off, and I swear to you guys, I am waiting for the cops to be called on us.  Dante just wailed like no other.  I checked his temp, got 104, which the on-call doctor told me was my stay at home threshold and got him dressed and we hauled balls to Rose.

When we got there, his temp was only 99.8, but she didn't even touch that thermometer to his forehead, so I knew it was wrong.  So this triage nurse took us to the back, and in mere minutes, the ER doc was looking in Dante's ears.  That's when he told me that Dante has an ear infection, which is INSANE since Dr. C didn't see anything in his ears yesterday.  Finally had someone look at his temp again, and it was 103.1.  So they finally gave him Motrin, but not even a whole dose since THE HOSPITAL RAN OUT.  I kept asking for them to look at his temp again, and all I heard was excuses and bullshit.  Eventually, after I kept being That Mom, I got a prescription for anti-nausea meds and amoxicillin, and  we got the heck out of there.  They didn't even notice that I had to change his diapers 4 times in less than an hour before we left, and when I expressed concern with the nurse that had our discharge papers over what looked like coffee grounds stuck to his butt, he just said that it's poo.  Gee, thanks, asshat, Your concern overwhelmed me. (Our entire stay at the ER lasted almost 3 hours when we had a diagnosis within ten minutes.  I am less than happy.)

So then I got Dante into his car seat, and we hauled balls to Target to get his prescriptions and some Jello, since he actually had one while we were waiting for someone to give a flying fu*k about us.  I also got him some oatmeal bath so we can (hopefully) soak his poor tushie later tonight.

Then I ran us over to Burger King because this poor little girl was doing some amazing ballet that can only mean "Feed me, crazy lady!" and then I got us home.  I knew there was no way he'd last much longer, so I got him pumped full of amoxicillin and tylenol and Immodium AD and now he's out like a light.

MY TURN!  This poor mama only got maybe an hour and a half of sleep.  Ugh.

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