Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Restaurant Review: Rooster and Moon

This place was voted Best New Coffeehouse by Westword for a reason.  We walked in, and were met by Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" on the speakers, and I got Dante situated while Mindy got menus.  It was one of the prettiest menus I have ever seen!  So much good sounding food!  At reasonable prices!  It was an amazing selection, and I had a hard time deciding.  But what sealed the deal for me was the fact they have a high chair.  Sure, it was only ONE high chair in the joint, but the fact they thought of that and had two options for him (me, really) to choose from made me a happy camper, since coffee shops aren't known for having anything for kids.

I ordered a GOAT flatbread with chicken breast, and an Elvis smoothie:  peanut butter, bananas, dark chocolate and skim milk.  It was heaven!  Dante loved it too, so he got half!  The flatbread was impressive.  Like, an "I can have this twice a week, every week, for as long as I live" kind of impressive.  The presentation was gorgeous, the flavors blew me away, and the service was the proverbial cherry on top.  Dante got the grilled cheese, which was half a grilled cheese sandwich on Texas toast and a few 'Nilla Wafers.  He loved it!  Mindy ordered a chicken salad wrap, and I can't remember the presentation since it disappeared so fast.  I can only assume by it's quick descent down her pie hole that it was pretty good.

I was sincerely impressed and amazed by the food, the staff, and the atmosphere, and in one quick visit, they made a regular out of me!

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