Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Rare Moment...

Since Dante was born on March 26, 2009, he's been sick 5 times.  Two ear infections, one stomach flu, one common cold and a reaction (fever and listlessness) after getting his 3rd round of immunizations.  That's it.  And every time I hear about a friend of a friend's kid being sick, or a friends babe is ill, I count my blessings and knock on wood.  I know that according to popular belief, since I smoke, he should be stupid, skinny and sickly. But he's not.  He's incredibly active, scarily smart, and in the 50th percentile for weight and 70th for height.  I'm lucky, and I know it.

Today I was a little concerned with the contents of his diaper.  It was a little dry, like his farts were actually little pieces of poo colored chalk, that exploded in a little cloud.  I got two of those deliveries, right before each nap.  I figured after his second nap, I'd give him a little Pedialyte and some grapes to get him moving.

But when I got him from his second nap, I realized that his body wanted nothing to do with my plan.  I picked him up and realized he stank, then I put him on his changing table and figured out why.  That poor diaper didn't stand a snowballs chance in hell.  My poor munchkin had it pouring out both legs of his diaper, and it went all the way up to his ribcage all the way around.  Yes, even the front.  I breathed through my mouth, put on my Mama Panties and dealt with it.  I wiped him down and got him changed, figuring I'd call his doc, make dinner, and then get him a bath.

Talked to Dr. C, and he told me that I was to give him an ounce or two of Pedialyte every hour and no food until tomorrow morning.  Well, Dante decided instead to guzzle the damn stuff and then after a few swigs, he puked.  I got to see what we had to eat before his nap (spaghetti) and then I just said "screw it" and threw him in the bath.

He was in the bath when Hubby got home, and as soon as I put lotion, a new diaper and a fresh Onesie on him, he pukes again.  So I take him back to the tub and rinse him off.  He was ok for a little bit, and it obviously was making him upset that his Daddy and I were eating, so I gave him a few bites of applesauce.  Lo and behold, a few minutes later, it was right back up.  So Hubby rinsed him off and I cleaned up.  (It's all about taking turns!  LOL!)  Then I remembered that when he had that stomach flu, Dr. C prescribed a couple anti-nausea pills, and he was supposed to get half of one at a time.  So I put that little half in his cheek and rubbed,, but he didn't like it, so to make sure it went down, I gave him half a vitamin to make sure it all went down the hatch.

Long story short, he stopped puking, and we got most of a piece of plain toast into him and half of that container of applesauce, and finally got him to bed.   My poor little monkey!  I hate when he's sick.  The worst part is the rash in the most terrible of places.  When I wipe him, he screams like I stabbed him with a hot poker.  The last two diaper changes took (seriously) almost half a small tube of Desitin just to cool that bit off.  This is probably only the 3rd time he's had a rash down there that made him cry!  I feel so very bad for him!

The worst part is my darling little boy being in pain.  That kills me.  The second worst part?  The smell of puke.  I have sanitized, sprayed Lysol AND Febreeze Air Effects and it still smells like sick.  Ew.

So I am off to find something else to try to get rid of this smell.  It's making my eyes water!

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  1. Can't help with the puke smell, except maybe some incense, Batsu used some in one of the facilities the last year Clan was at Sleepygrass, and it was actually tolerable, and I burn scented candle in the bathroom when things get smelly (after the guys use it mostly, or the cat has just been in there). But whet I do when they're screaming like you're killing them when wiping them, is just put them in the tub and let the warmish water do the work. Geoff's mom recommended it when Alex was a baby, and I do it for Zachary now. They both only seem to get the rashy butt when teething or sick, it makes their poo turn acidic and hurt them. But they both like water and baths, so your mileage may vary, tried it with our yougest niece a few weeks ago, but she hates baths, so was upset about it.