Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How in the...?

Last night, my little genius ran into my room and scaled my bed.  I let it slide while I finished what I was doing and waddled over.  He jumped up and yelled "UP!"  So I had to ask, "Where's down?" and he dropped and said "DOWN!"  Un-freakin'-believable!  When I grabbed him by the ankles and held him upside down, he said "up-down!" and I thought my heart was going to explode!  So we hung out and I tickled him for a few and then out of nowhere he goes "UP!" and jumps up and lands on my chest.  The fleshy part that doesn't like being used as a toddler landing strip.

Today we ran a few errands, and he was such a champ in the car, I got him a bag of Cheetos.  Of course I took about 1/3 of the bag for myself, but to see the joy on his precious face as he covers it in orange powder makes my heart skip a beat.  Can't lie.

I can't help but wonder what I did right to deserve such a gorgeous little boy.  It has been (for the most part!) an amazing experience to get to watch him grow up.  I still can't believe he's two years old.  It blows my mind that he's getting a baby sister this summer.  (That being said, I also can't wrap my brain around being pregnant over the summer.  I was pregnant with Dante over the winter and walked in snow in flip flops to try to cool down.  I'm screwed.)  But Dante seems to just soak information like nothing I've ever seen.  He retains so much, and I know he gets frustrated because he can't quite communicate what he wants to get across.  I feel like a weird interpreter.   It's funny and yet frustrating for me, too.  I hate seeing that look on his face, when someone who doesn't live with us has trouble understanding what he wants to say and he keeps trying to repeat himself, to no avail.  Gods help him, he is so sweet!  He really loves when we go out and he gets to say Hi to people, and I know if I let him, he'd sit with his palms on his window in the car and just take all of it in like a dehydrated man in the desert who comes across a water fountain.  He always looks like he is ingesting his environment, like he's going to get a test on what he saw when we sit down together.

Speaking of the Love of My Life, he's up from his nap...let the adventures begin! <3

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