Friday, April 8, 2011

That's the word I was looking for!

SURREAL!  I'm sitting here watching an episode of Deliver Me, and I know I only watch this schlock when I am pregnant, but one of the doctors asked a laboring mom if it felt surreal and it hit me!  That's the word I have been looking for since I got the plus sign on a stick in December!  Yikes!

Today was excellent, though!  Woke up early, went to Target, got diapers, soap, some canned goods, all kinds of goodies on the cheap, then went to Albertson's to hit up a meat sale, and milk, too, and saved a ton there, too.  As soon as I got home, I did the math between the two stores, and I saved over $100, which makes me feel like a champ!  There were a lot of things I picked up that were niceties, as opposed to necessities (a new purse, a new wallet, cleaning stuff that was on sale and new sippy cups for Dante), but I saved more than enough to justify them, and still have cash for the flea market tomorrow!  YAY!  More chile!  And Dante and I can snack on tamales again!  I love that my little man loves tamales!  Makes me happy on the inside!

After Dante got a short nap, we went downstairs to meet up with a neighbor and her two kids:  Her son is 2, and her daughter is almost 5 months.  I keep telling her she's contagious, since I got that plus sign right after she delivered!  LOL!  The boys had a blast hopping up and down in Starbucks, then we decided to pack up and head back to the patio off of our community room, and the boys drew all over with sidewalk chalk and chased each other.  SO.  MUCH.  FUN!!!  I love when I get to see that look on Dante's face; the one where if he somehow managed to be any happier, his head would explode.

After we had parted ways, I got a text from my neighbor, telling me that her son wanted to color with DAAAAAAAAANNNNTE again, and I giggled.  Such a sweet family!

But Dante's up and I have chile dogs to make, so....This is your friendly neighborhood Mama Bat, signing off for the day! =D

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