Thursday, June 30, 2011

How in the...?

The past few days have been odd.  First off, I got the Official Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis last week.  Imagine my delight.  Then, to top it off, Dante has thrown himself into his role as a terrible toddler.

He's been throwing more tantrums, making me believe that my bi-polar tendencies are genetic.  Case in point:  Today I took him to Il Vicino for some pizza, and he threw a fit when I attempted to put him in a booster seat.  I had to have the server take it away and tickle him to get him to stop screaming.  Then he wanted to play with our table number.  He would take the placard out of the holder, then demand I put it back.  Then he'd cry that I took it from him in order to put it back.  THEN, he thought he'd slam the SOB on the table.  I said no, he did it again, I took it away, he cried.  I tickled, gave him most of the tuna from my Pescatore salad and he was happy again.

We went to Rite Aid because a) it's next door to Sunflower, where we were headed and b) I needed to see why I have yet to receive my rewards card that I signed up for a few weeks ago.  He threw a fit and nothing was accomplished...I may have chewed out the elderly manager.  My bad.

But by the time I got him next door to Sunflower, he was perfectly happy.  He was so cute!  I smell the cantaloupes to see if they're ripe, and he wanted to smell, too.  He pointed at the bunch of tomatoes on the vine I should grab, and he sang the alphabet while I picked out hamburger buns.  He also said "Hi!" and blew kisses at our cashier.  (*FACEPALM*)

Then we had to run to Target for a couple things and he was a doll until we got to the checkout.  Then he decided he wanted to climb from the cart onto the conveyor belt.  I barely caught him in time.  Sigh.

And tonight, we put him down around 11.  A bit early (by our standards), but he's already woken up 3 times. The first time, Daddy went in.  By the second time, Daddy was asleep, so I went in, sang a few songs (how did I forget the words to 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley?  I'm slipping!) and then just a bit ago he woke up, but I let it go, and he was back out in ten.

Le' Sigh.

In other news, I get even more tired of being pregnant by the minute.  I can't bend over if I'm sitting on the couch, and I've been forgetting to check my blood sugar one hour after I eat, then I snack on something and the timer starts all over again.  Ugh.  But I think the extra vitamin D and cinnamon are the very least, when I DO remember to test on time, the numbers are good.  Even after angel food cake, lite cool whip and fresh strawberries.  And a sh*t ton of cantaloupe.  (Some people do drugs, I eat fruit.)

But I think I am going to finish up my stupid games and get to bed.  I'm finally starting to get tired.  Odd.


  1. Big hugs. I wish i could say it will get better soon but i wont lie. Maybe a nonalcholic beer will help?

  2. I really want a glass of wine and a cigar....


  3. We can do that too when I see ya. lol
    Oh and do you still need/want a boppy?

  4. My friend Megan is giving me hers, so I'll LOVE to have a cover to match the cool blankie you made! *wink wink*