Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mrs. Jones Did My Laundry! (Product Review)

First off, let me say that I paid for a 5 wash sample of Mrs. Jones' Soapbox Laundry Soap.  She refers to it as the "Pert Plus of laundry detergents" and she's right.  I was thrilled to open my mailbox and smell this soap in all its glory!  I did a happy dance all the way upstairs; thrilled that I got to give this stuff a shot!

After my nap, I got the laundry together, grabbed a spoon and rolled my laundry down the hall.  Now, these machines are high capacity HE machines, so I used a heaping baby spoon and a half per load.  What you guys have to understand here is that I have neighbors who use a certain inexpensive laundry powder that smells...icky.  Since someone thought it'd be a great idea to leave a wet load in a washer, I got to only do one load first before I got to come back to do the other two.

That first load was The Test.  It was my husbands clothes, and I sniffed as I pulled them out of the wash, and they just smelled CLEAN.  No cologne left over, no human odor, no nasty soap smell left over from my neighbors.  I happily put the other two loads in and threw Hubby's wet stuff in the dryer.  (Ok, Dante put most of Daddy's clothes in the dryer.  I got the video to prove it!  Such a precious little 2 year old!)

I went back 60 minutes later to find dry clothes that smelled like NOTHING.  There was no scent!  I knew then that I was hooked.  There was no residue, no lingering scent that I had to pray smelled ok with each of our respected deodorants or perfumes/colognes.  I didn't use any extra fabric softener, no dryer sheets, and my clothes had NO static cling, and the towels were just as fluffy as they had been when I over did the softener.

Long story short, this stuff is AMAZING.  I cannot express how happy I am with her laundry detergent, and I can't wait to try out the rest of her cleaning supplies!  Visit her Etsy Shop and order away!  Trust me!  For about the same price as 90 loads of Tide, you can order over 200 loads from Mrs. Jones' Soapbox!  Happy washing!  =D


  1. I would love to use it. But unfortunately I have heard that it doesn't do well with cloth diapers.

    I am glad to hear that you found something that works so well.

  2. Hrm. Since I'll be buying the huge refill bulk deal, I'll try to remember to bring some down for you to try. I bet if you used a bit more than recommended it would work. It got strawberries out of Dante's clothes! =D