Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Am I Crazy?

I signed up to do a hospital/birthing center tour tonight....and I'm taking Dante.  I figure he'll be better prepared if he can see where I am going to be and maybe he'll get a handle on what's going on.  I also have to pre-register, and I may as well do it all in one shot.  I figure in a few weeks I can take him back for their little class for big siblings so they learn that Mama still loves them, even when they are nursing the new intruder.  I want this to be a smooth transition for him, and while I have a general idea of how well this is going to go over with him (like a turd in a punch bowl...) but I still want him to have information stored in his grey matter!

The best part of today (aside from the 10 minutes I got to see my friend Scott) was the awesome box of awesome-ness I got today!  My friend back home sent me a care package! It's stuffed to the gills with cute baby girl outfits, a book for Dante, boob pads (leaks suck!), cinnamon capsules and binkies for Little Miss!  I am so incredibly grateful!  I have such amazing friends!

I'm sure I'll have an interesting story or two after our tour of the hospital tonight, so check back tomorrow, since I may not be able to blog until after my boys are asleep! =D

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