Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That Was Weird...

We went downstairs to the patio to draw with chalk, and while we were out there, a friendly neighbor came outside to chat with Dante.  I forget her name (BAD BRANDY!  Whoops!), but she's so nice!  She's probably in her late 50's and she's a wheelchair ridin' amputee.  She was so sweet, showing Dante how to work the brakes on her chair, and tried explaining nicely that she can't draw on the ground with his chalk that he kept handing her.

So he played with his my water, tried grabbing my phone, and I chatted with our sweet neighbor.  After she left, he was completely misbehaving, so I brought him and all our stuff upstairs and I threw on some Play With Me Sesame while I convinced him it was naptime.  I must've done a great job.  One of the little snippets on PWMS was "Baby Fats Domino" singing "Shake Your Rattle and Roll" and at the end, the babies fall asleep.  Dante points at the screen excitedly and says "Mimi's!"  So I asked him if he wanted to sleep and he nodded.  So I got him a new glass of water and asked him if he wanted his Spiderman night light and he said yes.  So we went together to turn on his night light, he threw his glass of water in his crib, and asked to be picked up.  I put him in, went through our routine and he didn't complain!

I came out of his room, plopped on the couch, and I heard him sing to himself without getting frustrated....for over an hour.  He never got mad, just sang to himself.  And now he's asleep.  As much as I hate the idea of him being hooked on a night light, if that little addition to our routine makes him not scream like I stab him regularly, than I am all for it!

That being said, since he's out, I think I will go down for a few to recharge.  I work better when my head isn't spinning....

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