Saturday, June 4, 2011

Naked Swim Time!

Today was a BLAST!  Dante and I went to go pick up Mindy and then the 3 of us went to Sunflower Market and we picked out a ton of fresh fruit and veggies, and I got a great deal on chicken, and I even picked up a little carton of coconut water.  On our way out of the store, he insisted on tasting the coconut water...he slurped at it like a dehydrated man trapped on a deserted island!  So I filled his sippy cup, and we took a 7 minute drive (tops) to K&G and by the time we got there, that cup was drained!  I parked in front of K&G (had to get Hubby a new belt) and I saw Little Anita's and had to go in for at least a bowl of posole.  And Dante said he wanted food in his belly, so off we went!  He was so happy I got him his own "small" (20+ oz) glass of horchata and he loved his quesadilla and beans and rice!  Am I weird?  I love watching my son eat.  When he wants to, he'll go at it with such a reckless abandon, it warms my heart.  Everyone should love and live the way this little boy does!

After I got Hubby's new belt, us Musketeers went to Albertson's for the bad ass sales they had going on!  More blueberries!  Milk!  Such amazing prices!  Ah, I love saving money.

Took Mindy home and came back home to put all those groceries away.  As soon as the groceries were put away, we went downstairs to meet up with our neighbors and she brought her kiddie pool, and two 5 gallon jugs of water.  I had Dante in a swim diaper and a basketball shirt and short set, but not for long....

After he was in the pool for a little bit, he took off his shorts.  Then he lifted up his shirt and came at me with his hands up, so I took off his shirt.  I figured it wasn't a big deal for him to be in just his swim diaper...until he took that off, too.  Oi.  So I had a naked baby running all over the patio, squealing like I would had we just won the lottery.  He was thrilled to be naked and free as a bird.  Again, I truly believe we should all live the way my son does.  He enjoys every second he's given, and I hope he never outgrows that!

He's currently out for a nap (*WHEW!*) and I have dinner to make.  I just had to share my little bit of joy today.  I am such a lucky little b-otch.  I don't know what I did right to get such an awesome little boy, but I hope I keep it up!


  1. I wouldn't know; I've yet to try...It sure looks like a lot of fun, though! LOL!