Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Knock Me Over With a Feather!

So, today started innocently enough.  I got up butt early (for me, at least) at 815a to get my happy ass to a diabetes class that my doc wanted me to take, and I did actually learn a few things.  It wasn't a COMPLETE waste.  Met another Mama with GDM, and she was so sweet!  She's due in less than two weeks, though, so she has less time than I do dealing with the finger sticks and such.

Decided to pick up a friend from the hospital they were at, and they were SUPPOSED to be out at 130p.  I got there at 125pm.  BIG.  MISTAKE.  Thanks to User Error, my friends paperwork wouldn't print, so the first 30 minutes, Dante and I waited in the waiting room out front.  When he refused to stop sticking his hands in the soda machine and refused to stop playing with the DirecTV box, I said "SCREW IT" and we waited in the car with the AC on.  Which kills my gas, but I figured it's easier to put gas in the car than it is to find Pedialyte and get him to the doc.

Finally got my friend, took them to the bank and then we went for gas.  As I was getting back in the car, I realized it was 8 minutes to 3 and I was 30 minutes from my doc's office.  Damn.  So I didn't get an ultrasound today, but that's ok.  Still got my GSB test and as soon as Doc saw my sugar levels, she prescribed me a drug called DiaBeta.  Better than taking insulin, but I still feel like an ass for not being able to manage it by diet alone.  So now, thanks to the prescription, I get to go in twice a week to get non-stress tests so they can see how Little Miss is moving and such.  Understandable, but frustrating, since that means I get to take Dante on one of them a week.  Yay.  (Can you smell my sarcasm?)  I get to take a rambunctious 2 year old to sit.  In a room.  With nothing to really entertain him and I will be strapped to something.

So today has been an interesting one.  While I am very tempted to rant about what I perceive to be a massive injustice in Florida, I am going to leave it be.  I can't let other people and their idiocy piss me off, or I'll be a walking time bomb.  It is hard to maintain decorum when I am this angry, but life is all about learning, and I"m trying.

I am debating whether or not I want a nap.  Part of me is amazed my eyes are open, but I'm not sure how I am going to sleep tonight...Ah.  Life is just a great big science experiment.  I am but a Bunsen burner in the chemistry lab of life.

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