Thursday, June 9, 2011


So, I asked a popular name blogger (You Can't Call It "It!") for advice, and here are some of the suggestions she had...I will put a * by the names I love, and let me know what you think!


*Adela- Spanish, “noble”– like Xipil
Araceli- Spanish, “altar of the sky”- could pay tribute to Christopher with the meaning
Belen- Spanish form of Bethlehem, used in Mexico as a given name.
*Calixta- Spanish form of the Greek Kallistos, “most beautiful.”  I love how Dante and Calixta are old world names.  You also get the C for Chris and the X from Xipil.
*Celia- A great name in English and Spanish, you are so lucky to have this in your family!  Also a C name for Chris.
Cristina, Cristiana, Christabel- Lovely names that relate to your friend and also pay homage to your heritage.
Guadalupe- See above– wolf.
*Ibarra- For your grandmother.  This may sound odd as a first name to Spanish speakers (?), but could make a wonderful middle.
Lupe- Again, WOLF!
*Nereida- Spanish, “sea sprite”, from the Greek.  I’m not sure what your relationship is to the sea, but this name just jumped off the page at me.
Socorro- Spanish, “help, relief”– could represent life after Christopher’s passing.
Violeta- The violet represents love, fidelity, and modesty among other things.
Ylva- Old Norse for wolf.
*Ximena- Spanish, may be a form of Simon, meaning “he has heard.”
*Xochitl- Nahuatl for flower, used in Mexico.
*Xiomara- Spanish, “famous in war.”  A traditional X name that pairs well with Xipil.

Combinations I love for you:
Lupe Christabel
Cristiana Ylva
Ximena Christabel
*Ximena Ylva
Ylva Cristina
*Ylva Calixta Christiane

Some of the commenters had great ideas, too!
Citlali Siobhan (Citlali means star, Siobhan is the female equivalent of Sean, my best friend's middle name)
Celita (A variation of Cielito, so essentially, a piece of heaven.)
I have my work cut out for me.  I actually think having this many options was the equivalent of shooting myself in the foot.  I am armed with some pretty good names, though...I just have no idea how I am going to choose.  I'm fairly certain this will be the last chance I have to name a new human being, and I am taking the job very seriously.  I know, me doing things seriously seems so unlike me, but this poor child will have this name forever, unless it's so horrible she changes it, or when or if she gets married, but that's just the last name.  She gets to put this on resumes and college applications...GAH!  It's making my head spin!
I think I am going to start dinner and try to unravel my brain...


  1. I like Calixta Lupe.

  2. I like Calixta too. As someone not of hispanic decent it is a bit off looking for a moment but then it really jumps out.

    I of course am a fan of wolf names ;)

  3. @Melony: I am not a real fan of Lupe, and I think that's because I've known some real losers with that name.

    @Saz: I'm feeling Calixta, but I am super digging Ximena since my mom's maiden name was Jimenez. =D

  4. Would it be overkill to do Calixta Ximena? It really flows with your last name.

    Dante Xipil
    Calixta Ximena

    They look good together too.

    Just trying to help you out. I spent agonizing hours over Dacian's name. And this was before we found out he was a he.

  5. They do look good together! My brain can't handle any more right this second, though, so I am going to lay down while I can...I am exhausted! <3