Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Attack of the Almost 3 Foot Wiggleworm

I got Dante up, and dressed, and got him his milk.  I packed along his new Superman book from his Auntie Anndie and we took off.

We got to Rose Medical Center and here's where I digress because it pissed me off.  As we were parking, there was an elderly couple getting out of their car.  The gentleman was using a walker, and his wife was on the hefty side.  From where they were parked, there were two options to get him to the ER.  They could either walk around and risk getting hit by a car, or this poor guy with a walker had to hand the walker to his wife and attempt the stairs.  I offered to help, but in my current state, he refused.  So I held the door for them, and pondered the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This guy was in no shape to be taking stairs; he was there to get to the ER for Pete's sake!  Grr.  

So we met up with the Labor and Delivery tour group and Dante just turned on the charm like he had an internal switch!  We all get to the elevator and make our way to the Maternity floor, and Dante was VERY excited to see all the baby pictures that lined the halls.  We made our way to the labor/delivery room to take a peek (A FULL SIZE TUB!  THAT I'LL ACTUALLY FIT IN!  YAY!) and while we were in there and getting questions answered, Dante decided to play on the fold out sofa another lady and I were sitting on.  Not too bad.

From there, we went to the postpartum room to take a look see and here's where the fun started:  Dante found the breast pump.  So we are listening to our tour guide, and the next thing we all heard was the "whoosh whoosh" of the breast pump motor.  He Then grabbed his new book from my purse, sat with it for a New York minute and then noticed that the bed had electronic controls.  He didn't make it go up and down or side ways, but he did manage to make it beep.  Then, he tried to climb it, but it was raised too high, and he couldn't get a grip.  *facepalm*

So from here, we go back to the lobby to ask more questions, and Dante just flirted SHAMELESSLY with a cute little 15 month old who was there with her parents.  I did get some of my big questions answered, and now I just have to quiz the daylights out of my doc.  

I am incredibly excited, and I am very happy with the choice I made to deliver there.  Everyone was so very nice, and it seems like they will actually listen to me and take my concerns seriously, which should be nice.  Wouldn't know, considering how horrible my experience was with the hospital I had Dante at.  I'm all about nice changes of pace!

I think it's slowly sinking in for Dante that as much as I love him, he's not going to be my only baby forever.

But for now, I am going to sit back, enjoy some ice cold water and some news that I recorded, and contemplate getting up to make dinner.....  


  1. I soooooo wanted to deliver Thomas at Rose Medical Center. I am jealous. I hope you get the experience you want and deserve this time around.

  2. Thanks! I am actually looking forward to it this time! I'm a little more educated, and a lot more opinionated, so it should be a fun ride! =D