Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Danger is My New Middle Name

Took Dante with me to my 30 week appointment today.  He screamed the whole way to the elevator, I have no idea why, and he was happy as soon as he saw my car and I put him in his car seat.

He was patient while I stopped at the bank, and was still being cute when I hit the drive thru at my favorite local coffee joint.  He sang and played with his chattering Cookie Monster the rest of the way to my doc's office, and as soon as I unbuckled him, I suddenly knew what it was like to herd cats.

I got him safely across the street and up the stairs to the front door, and the next thing I knew, every old lady in a two block radius was telling me how gorgeous he was.  I got him onto the elevator, and as soon as we got off on the 4th floor, he booked it towards the office like he'd been there before!  As I signed in, he even tried to scribble like I was on the sign in sheet!

Here's where I can't believe we made it out alive and dry:  I had to leave a sample, like I do every time I go in.  I had forgotten about that.  Luckily, there was only one marker, so I grabbed it, marked my name on the little cup, and hid it out of his reach when I was done.  He tried grabbing the little cups that were in there and I had to go "EEEEWWWWW" before he finally left them alone.  Finished, went to wash my hands, and he insisted on his hands getting washed, too.  So I washed his hands, gave him a paper towel and (here's the great part!) he tried to open the door with the paper towel, like I do!  It was so cute!  I used my paper towel to open the door and turn off the light, and he was so excited to throw his away!

So we sat in the waiting room for just a couple minutes when I got called to get my weight taken (220.0) and then we were shuffled off to an exam room.  He sat on my lap when I got my blood pressure taken (117/83) and  then he wanted down.  He played with the step stool on the exam table, spun the doctor's spinny stool and then realized the exam table had DRAWERS!  So I gave him his banana (I was a Girl Scout, after all) and we read a book.

When Dr. B came in, she saw him and just giggled.  She then answered my questions, told me that I get to have another 3 hour screen around the 23rd, and made a few suggestions I hadn't thought of.  Then I got to hop back up on the table and she measured my belly (around 32 cm) and Dante got to hear his baby sister's heartbeat!  He danced to it!  It was one of the most precious things I had ever seen in my 32 years of existence! But again, isn't it hard not to dance to a sweet tune at 148bpm?  LOL!

As I was wiping that cold goo off my belly, he decided we were done, and just opened the door and took off.  I called him back, grabbed my stuff, and made a beeline for the receptionist desk.  Made my appointment for the 13th, and he was off like a flash down the hall to the elevator.

We got back to the car and I realized that I had sent all the baby shower invites via Facebook, but there was one SUPER important person that didn't get an invite since she isn't on Facebook:  My mom's best friend!!!  So I called her, thinking I'd get voice mail, and I wound up getting to talk to her!  Gave her the details, and I get to see her at the party!  YAY!!  I was a little dismayed that she told me she's bringing a gift; the real gift is her presence!  Now, I'm not one to turn down a gift, but I really just want to see her!  That is the next best thing to seeing my mom!

As soon as we got home, I got the mail and then we came up to get Dante's chalk and bubbles, and we went to the patio.  I wanted to wear him out!  I must've done a great job, because near the end our trip down there, he just decided to lay down on the cement!

Brought him back up, stuffed a peach and some chicken nuggets into him, and now he's out for a nap.  And I must agree...it's nap time!

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