Friday, July 22, 2011

Fellow Moms!! (AKA: *NOT* for the Faint of Heart. Or Stomach,)

I am having a few issues over here that are leaving me confused, since the days before Dante was born were a blur even before I was presented with a tiny bundle of joy I had no idea how to take care of.

First, I am taking bathroom trips more frequently than usual.  Not the kind we get credit for, the kind pregnant women NEVER get credit for.  It hurts, since even though I have yet to truly be blocked, I still have the battle wounds, if you will.  It strikes me as odd.  I think I have evacuated more than I have consumed.

Second, I am even more tired than usual.  I have been sleeping through alarms, snapping at poor Dante, and for the last couple of days, actually sleeping almost 3-4 hours between bathroom trips.

And can anyone actually remember what contractions feel like?  Yesterday, I know I had a good few that made me feel like I was a tube of toothpaste getting to the end, just squeezed like no other.  But yesterday during my non-stress test, one of the medical assistants couldn't believe that I couldn't feel the contractions that were showing up.  Huh?  I am very confused.

One more problem I've been having:  mucous!  Out of nowhere, it feels like there's a sneeze in my draws and it's making me a little nuttier than usual.

So, if you can weigh in, please do.  And let's keep this discussion off Facebook since I have so many male friends, please!


  1. You are either IN labor...or are about to be in labor any day...the mucus plug comes out because your cervix is dilating. You will empty your bowels because it makes the labor process much easier. and being increasingly tired is the way your body makes you rest for the long work ahead of you. I was in labor for a day and then stopped out of nowhere...extremely frustrating for me because I was attempting the homebirth...any how, labor feels like menstral cramps. and they "unjulate" for lack of a better word they come and go. TRUE labor is consistant in spacing . Braxton hicks will be inconsistant. 10 min between 3min between and 8 min can guarantee that its braxton. if its 7 min EVERY time....then its the real deal. She is getting READY TO COME SAY HI!!!!

  2. A lot of women don't "feel" the contractions that show up on an NST. However, you BHs will become stronger and stronger and begin to take your breath away. They feel like a tightening and then go away. "True" contractions will start near your pubic bone and go to the top of the uterus and then fade off. Unless of course it is back labor then you know when they come and go.

    I think I emptied my bowels for 2 weeks prior to Dacian coming. I however, as you know did not go into labor though so I am not sure how long the emptying takes before labor actually starts.

    And the sleeping, uh, you are carrying a life in your body that is ready to survive the outside world on her own, you are bound to be tired. The irritability that comes with it is par for the course too. Rest as much and when you can and don't feel guilty about it. Must I remind you that you told me to give myself a break oh about, 7 weeks ago?!

    I never lost my mucous plug either but holy discharge!! I was constantly wiping.

    Good luck love. As you well know there is going to be more weird bodily functions going on here soon after you deliver little miss. Try to enjoy these last few days of pregnancy, no matter how hard. If you need, reread my blog about the last day of pregnancy.

  3. Thanks, ladies! I am still fairly certain that I will pop by Tuesday, which would be great, because then I can actually enjoy my mom's visit! =D I also REALLY don't want to get induced. I really hated the Pitocin Experience.

    I really just want to cuddle already. And Dante has elbows made of sharp, so it'll be nice to not have to guard my belly from Dante's extremities. =D