Monday, July 11, 2011


Today was interesting!  (It usually is around here....)

Woke up and had a decent fasting blood glucose level.  I figured since as of late the DiaBeta was making my blood glucose sink like the Titanic I'd make pancakes for breakfast and put minimal syrup.  That worked like a charm!  One hour after eating, it's supposed to be less than 140, and it was 144.  I then got Dante and myself ready and we went to King Soopers with my friend Seth.

Had a blast, Dante recited the alphabet enough to drill it into my unborn child's head and he actually stayed in the car part of the cart without getting out.  I think the cheese bribe helped.  =D

Got home, put him down for a nap and played online until I felt my body get numb.  It was one of the oddest feelings I have ever felt.  This whole time I was working on an iced decaf Americano with soy milk, so I wasn't hungry, but the shakes were horrible!  So I got up quickly (big mistake) and made myself a sandwich.  That was ROUGH.  My hands were shaking like a leaf as I attempted to put Miracle Whip on my bread and sliced tomatoes and cheese and put on some honey ham.  I don't remember eating it, but I know it disappeared.  After I finished the sandwich, I took my blood sugar:  68.  YIKES!  So I slammed a couple oreos and a couple Hershey hugs and took a nap.  Woke up to take my sugar again, and it was 130.  Creepy, non?

It took him a few hours, but Hubby made an AMAZING stew with shredded pork and potatoes...Wow.  I think I may have overcompensated with the oreos because an hour and a half after I finished my huge bowl, I got a reading of 132.  Not bad, but it should have been better.  All that matters in my book is the fact that I didn't wind up in a coma.  *shakes head*

On the bright side, tomorrow (technically later today) I get a growth ultrasound and we'll see how low she is and if she's head down.  I'm fairly certain she is, so at the very least I'll get a few more pictures to add to my collection.

Then I get to ask my doc about this med, since it's doing weird things to me.  And I'm still having problems getting my fingers to stop bleeding after I check them.  THAT makes me worry!

And now I am going to play a few games, unwind my brain, and hope for the best!

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