Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Game Plan

Birth Plan:

Upon Admittance:

I'd like to be checked as soon as possible for effacement and dilation.  I'd also like ice chips and sugar free popsicles, if available.  Please also check her heart rate and such ASAP so that I may get off the monitors and move around as much as possible.

During labor:

I am looking forward to using the squat bar, the birthing ball, the tub, pretty much anything that I can to let Gravity do its job, and natural, non medicated pain relief.

My husband will be my "coach," and my parents and other family or friends are more than welcome as long as they are comfortable up to actual pushing.  If they want to stay for exams, they are more than welcome to at the head of the bed so they don't get a front row seat to my girl bits.  (Husband excluded from that statement; if he wants to see, it's already his!  LOL!)

My two year old son, Dante, may be in and out with family and friends, and he is more than welcome to be with me up to the pushing stage, but I'd love to have him back in after her Apgar tests and rinse off.

I will boot pretty much everyone as soon as pushing starts, except for my husband and possibly my best friend K assuming she's in town when I "pop."  (My mom is more than welcome to stay, as well, but she may chose not to.  No biggie!)

PLEASE DO NOT OFFER MEDICATION OF ANY SORT.  I would like to avoid Pitocin, epidural, the whole she-bang.  I was very upset during my first labor and delivery with the results of both Pitocon and the epidural, and I'd like to try to avoid that kind of pain again.

Yes, I am a gestational diabetic.  So far, as of the typing of this plan, I am on 2.5 mg of glyburide (brand name DiaBeta) once daily.  Assuming I go into labor after breakfast, I will have already had my daily dose.  (Unless I'm taken off it before labor.  I will inform you upon admittance.  I'm a bit of a neurotic freak; please bear with me!)  I would very much like to avoid a steady drip of insulin.  Again, with the negative experience with my first labor and delivery.

IF DR. B (or the attending) need me to be on any sorts of meds, please make sure all the pros and cons are discussed prior to administering.  I am more than willing to have a hep-lock installed upon admittance or soon after (assuming I can still take a dunk in the tub as needed) so that I may move about and still have a line open in case of an emergency.

In a perfect world, I'd love to be able to at least suck on sugar free lollipops or candy during labor, or add a powder like Crystal Light to my water.  I will have these in my bag; if I am allowed, please let me know.  I tend to get dry mouth and I just feel better when I have a flavor on my tongue.  Otherwise, I'd have to be able to move about so I can brush my teeth frequently.

I will have music and dvds with me.  If the volume is too loud, please let me know.  Some of my selections may seem odd, but again, please bear with me.  The cd I have for hard labor is a bit....dancy and beat driven.  If it drives you nuts, I will be more than happy to lower the volume, but my son was born to a very appropriate song, and I'd like the same experience this time!

Also, I'd love to have a mirror when she crowns.  Or feel her head.  Preferably, both.  If it's possible, I'd like to spend as little time as possible in a supine position.  Thank you!

Upon Little Miss' Birth:

Again, in a "perfect" scenario, she'll be placed on my bare chest immediately after birth.  I'd love if her cord could please stay intact as long as possible as well.  I will try to breastfeed as soon as possible, and I'd like my husband to cut her cord as soon as it stops pulsing, or as soon as she gets the hang of breathing air!  Anything that can be done while I hold her as opposed to taking her from me, feel free to go for, just let me know.

Please don't offer her a pacifier or a bottle.  I am going to attempt exclusive breastfeeding.

General Info and Thanks:

Thank you very, very much for taking the time to read this!  I am actually a pretty laid back person (under "normal" circumstances) and my husband and I both appreciate a good dirty joke, so feel free to share one if you have one!  Crack a few jokes, make off-color remarks or just make an ass of yourself and we'll both warm up to you in no time!  I would love to keep an open and honest dialogue, so if something seems off, or weird, or if you need anything from me, don't hesitate to fill me in!  We are a fun loving and hilarious bunch once you get to know us!

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