Friday, July 8, 2011


So, today was yet another day that needed to be chronicled.  I woke up at 1215p to take a shower, got dressed, packed up stuff to entertain Dante and snacks and juice, etc., and then got him up and dressed and we ran out the door to my 130p non stress test appointment.

Parking sucked, as per usual, and on the second pass around the office, I found decent metered parking in the shade.  SCORE!  We ran inside and were miraculously only ten minutes late.  Unfortunately, they made us wait in the lobby for a bit.  *shakes head*  Dante took every pen out of the pen box by the receptionist, and when that got boring, he just took the whole darn box and attempted to count each pen.  He also decided to make me sing the alphabet song ad nauseum until I was sure the receptionist closest to us was going to belt out a show tune just to stop herself from shooting us.

We were finally called to the back, and I got to have the elastic bands and doo-hickeys stuck to my bump with that gods-awful gel.  But for some reason, the one that measures her heartbeat wasn't fond of the elastic and wouldn't quite pick it up, so I had to hold it in place with one had and the button to note when I felt her move in the other.  But Little Miss was asleep.  The next thing I know, the medical assistant takes out this device that looks like it could get the lint off a sweater, and she zapped my belly.  Oh.  My.  Goth.  Little Miss was LIVID.  I think that was the first time Dante actually noticed my belly move, and it seemed to unnerve him.  So as I got comfortable (ish), she took him to get pretzels.  I thought that was super sweet.

For the first few minutes, he sat in a seat, reading the ABC's and eating pretzels in silence.  The he decided that Mama needed a pretzel and tried to feed me one, but I couldn't because I had to test my blood sugar from breakfast first.  The problem there was that my hands were full.  And I couldn't reach my purse where the glucose monitor was, anyways.

After a total of about 15 minutes, a different medical assistant came in and MARVELED at how many times I felt her  move.  She even watched my belly in disbelief and realized I had probably missed a few movements because they were on top of each other.  Another ten minutes, and she's back, still dumbfounded by my daughter's in utero ballet.  She then told me that Doc wanted to see the printout, and lo and behold, just a couple minutes later, Doc was in there, also amused and amazed at how Little Miss can shake her hiney.  She gave me a funny look, and told me she wanted to do a quick ultrasound just to check fluid levels, and I realized her funny look was because Dante is not the "sit quietly in a corner" type.

She took the printout and told me she'd meet me in the hall.  I wiped the goo from my belly with a baby wipe since Dante threw away an entire box of Kleenex (hey, she handed it to him, not me!) and Dante threw away his pretzels.  Sigh.

So I waddled down the hall, Dante in tow, and we went to the ultrasound room that the docs use (not the super bad ass one that the ultrasound tech uses.)  Dante didn't want to sit and read, he wanted to cuddle with me.  So I maneuvered him into a semi-awkward position that allowed him to cuddle and see the screen (I didn't!) and she got full access to my peach fuzz covered midsection.  After just a few moments, she was able to tell that Little Miss' fluid levels were fine, and reminded me that my growth check up with the tech was on Monday.

So I put Dante down and wiped more of that disgusting gel off of me and got us out the door.  We took off, and I was going to hit 7-11 before meeting up with Rob and Donna-Ann, but as soon as I parked at 7-11, I realized my wallet was at home.  In the stroller.  UGH!

So I hauled ass back home and just met up with my friends after getting my wallet.  Our visit was  awesome until the rain started.  My blood sugar was in the 70's (thanks, DiaBeta!) and the half of a Fruit by the Foot and half of one of Dante's ZBars didn't help.  So my kind barista gave me one of their day old muffins and Dante didn't even notice that I ate most of it.

When there was finally a break in the rain, we said our goodbyes to our friends and ran through the parking lot into our parking garage.  Dante enjoyed some puddle jumping, and as soon as we got back upstairs, he was put in bed for a nap.

Got a nap, made dinner, and even after a dinner of baked chicken and mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli, my blood sugar was barely in the 90's.  So I ate a couple brownies that Dante helped me bake.  Apparently that's what it takes to get a reading of 119.  Seriously.  An hour after two brownies and a pint of milk and my blood sugar was 119.  Apparently this is a wonder drug.

So now I am going to finish up my silly games and get to bed.  Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, but it would probably be a good idea if I got some sleep first...

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