Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Not "Non Stress" ...

If you have a rambunctious 2 year old with you.

But I got hooked up to the machine again, and Dante was himself, no shocker there.  He danced, and sang the alphabet, and I noticed that when he sang, she moved!  So I had him stand in front of me and sing the alphabet so I could get her to kick!  LOL!  He thought it was SO COOL that his little sister likes to hear him sing!

After a bit, Doc came in and informed me that my induction is scheduled for July 28th at 4 am.  After talking to my mom, I am going to ask if we can bump that later by one day (or that evening) so we can have a good visit before shit hits the fan.

After the NST, I went across the street with Dante in tow for a quick follow up with my diabetes instructor, and her and Dante hit it off immediately.  It was cute!  He sang the alphabet to her, too, and had a blast drawing on scrap paper for her.  Made a few adjustments to my diet so I don't tank again, and had a good chat.

When we left, the sky opened up and started spitting.  So Dante and I booked it towards the car, parked about a block and a half away.  At first, I was annoyed, but then I realized that this was a "teaching moment" and instead I held Dante's hand and we splashed in puddles.  With every crack of thunder, I said "Listen!  It's Thor!" and he'd smile and splash right along with me!

Got us to the car, and had to take a couple pictures.  He was so cute, just soaked to the bone!  He was a little distraught at being so wet, but I got him home, got him upstairs and we changed into pj's and enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches and spagettios.

So, now he's napping, and it's my turn.  I am very tired!  And tomorrow, we are hitting Target with my bestie and her kiddos so I can get my Hospital Bag packed.  I am very, very excited!

On one hand, I feel an incredible sense of calm.  I know I GOT THIS.  On another hand, I am dumbfounded that my baby boy is going to be a Big Brother.  On yet another hand, I am incredibly sad that the greatest and most amazing person I have ever known won't be around.  I made *SIX* discs for labor and delivery from the music that he, Hubby and myself had shared over the years, and listening to a few of those songs made me incredibly sad.  I had to take a step back and just remember that I'm lucky I even got to know him in the first place.  I am counting my blessings.

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