Saturday, May 7, 2011

Comic Books, Blizzards and Dirt, Oh My!

Today started like any other day.  Got up, got Dante out of his crib, made us some chicken nuggets so we could eat "breakfast" with Elmo.  Then we got dressed and hit Mile High Comics for Free Comic Book Day.  So Dante got a Kung Fu Panda comic and a Young Justice comic, and I got my brother his birthday present.  Bought an extra board so I can send it to him safely.  Since we had our friend Daniel with us, we went to Dairy Queen, and Dante got his very first Blizzard.  We split a German Chocolate Cake Blizzard, and holy smokes, it was GOOD!

Then the three of us hit up Congress Park, and I was less than thrilled to learn that there was a birthday party going on.  It wouldn't have been so bad, had the kids running and screaming had even the slightest sense of decorum or manners.  They were playing tag, and were knocking Dante over at every opportunity!  A couple of them even had the gall to grab my ass when they were running around me.  These hooligans were climbing on top of the covered slide, shoving Dante out of the way when he would finally get to the top to ride either slide, some were throwing was madness!  At one point, all ANYONE could hear for at least a couple blocks was one of the moms yelling!  "Neveah, Denisha, where are yo' shoes?  Jumal, Deshawn, don't you throw sand!"   And it was just crazy.  I couldn't believe how incredibly rude these kids were.  I will NEVER get over that.  One of the little girls was really nice to Dante and tried to help him, which I am grateful for, but it was mind boggling.  One of those little boys, whom I've NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN MY LIFE just trusted me to pick him up and help him get on the monkey bars.  I am flabbergasted!

At one point, the bigger kids that were making it hell around the jungle gym made their way to the soccer field, so the smaller kids finally had run of the place.  So I got a few great shots of Dante playing peacefully, and he got to play with another little boy about his size and age, and it was fun.

So we got home and Dante took one of the boards I got to send my brother's birthday gift and he drew all over it, getting marker all over himself and getting himself even more dirty.  (He needs a soak like you wouldn't believe!)

So now I get to get dinner going, get some dishes going, and then I can soak him like a dirty dish!  It was such an amazing, mostly unplanned day.  I am so incredibly happy!  Sore, but happy!  I will never, ever forget the looks I got from Dante today.  The joyful, happy looks that make every day fantastic!  I really do love being Dante's mama bat!

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