Friday, May 20, 2011

One of THOSE Days...

So, last night, we put Dante to bed late, as in 1245am.  Then the love of my life went to bed around 2.  So after he was asleep, I turned on a light and got to work, organizing coupons, lists and getting the right coupons for 4 different stores together.  Then I played my games on Facebook and was ready for bed at 630am.  Yeah, I know.  So, I hit the loo in anticipation of about 6 hours sleep when I hear Dante screaming like no other.  He was screaming like Jack the Ripper and Freddy Krueger just appeared in his room and only I could save him.

So I go in, rock him into a near coma like state, and put him back.  At this point, he woke up screaming for me.  So I took my pills, grabbed my pillows and hunkered down on the spare bed with my darling son.

And wouldn't you know it, he was not in the mood for cuddling.  He wanted me there, but as soon as I'd almost be asleep, he'd turn like he was on a rotisserie.  Finally, after about 45 minutes of this, I put him back in his crib and just listened to him cry as I made myself a bowl of the chili we had for dinner and watched some news.  He was out cold in 10 minutes.  Grrr....

Got my love up at 10, and passed back out.  I got a kiss when he left at noon, and I woke up at 1, and so did Dante.

You can imagine how my brain has been NOT functioning today.  I did manage an awesome trip to Safeway (spent $45 on $90 worth of stuff!) and had a half caff Americano with a friend. But the fact I managed to remember to put on pants amazes me.  Who knew?  Maybe I'm not all crazy....

So I think I am going to defrost some chicken and make some mashed potatoes so I can keep up with all the carbs they want me to eat before my 3 hour test on Monday.  (*SARCASM*)  Yipppeeeeeee.


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