Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Singing in the Rain is a Bad Analogy, but....

So, today was interesting.  It was one of those days where time decided to both stand still and fly by.  Woke up twice (8am, and 1130am) before finally getting out of bed because Dante was finally awake at 12.30p
We got up, ate cheesy eggs and watched some Sesame Street before Dante decided he wanted to go BYE BYE!!!  So I got him dressed, went and checked the mail, and then I took him to the patio off the community room on the 4th floor with a bucket of chalk and let him run amok.  That lasted about 45 minutes, and then I realized it was NAPTIME.

So I brought him back up, got him tucked in, and I was about to pass out, too, when I remembered that it was Dia de las Madres (Mexico's Mother's Day is ALWAYS May 10th, not the second Sunday like it is here.) and so I called her.  (DAMN!  I forgot to call Gramma.  I'll call her tomorrow.)  Then, as I was about to turn out lights and let the drool fly when Dante woke up.  GAH!

So I got him up, we watched some of my silly shows so I could clean out the dvr and I made some mac and cheese.  After his first bowl, I realized he was the stink in the room, so I went to change him.  His pants and onesie were dirty, so I figured since it was a warm night, he could just hang out in a diaper.

Then he decided to misbehave, so I put him in his crib for a time out.  (To distinguish between "time out" and "sleepy time," I leave the light on, take out all his toys and leave the door open.  It works.)

When I went to get him, I noticed that he has made the decision to be a nudist, and as I grabbed him, he kept yelling PEE PEE!!!!  So I grabbed his potty and put it near the sofa.  He sat right down, didn't do anything, and just got up and ran around.  Then I remembered that my friend gave us some Pull Ups since her step son no longer needs them, so I helped Dante get into a pair.  Figuring he was good, I turned around to start dishes and dinner, and when I turned around, he was streaking through the living room like Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes fame, just letting the wind whip through his curls.  So I asked him where his underpants were, and he grabs them from the floor (they were wet) and threw them away.  So I put another pair on him and get back to what I was doing.  Just about 20 minutes later, he comes running up to me for more milk, naked as a jaybird.  I asked if he had to pee, and he ran to his potty and sat.  Nothing.  So, tired of blowing these expensive, glorified diapers, I ran and got him a real diaper, and put it on him while he stood looking at me like a puppy after you try to explain Euclidean geometry to it.  So he ran around in his diaper until precisely the exact same moment his dad unlocked the door and walked in.  Dante just ran up to him in all his glory and gave his leg a hug.  Cute!  Dangerous, but cute!

So, since the dinner I made didn't sound good to either of us, I ran to McD's.  (For the record, when I ask for white milk and a boys toy, I really mean it.  I think they thought today was opposite day, so I got chocolate milk and a girls toy, which sucks.  Because it was SUPPOSED to be a Batman toy.  And we so rarely eat fast food, I doubt we'll get another chance to get Batman.  Grrr...)

I get back, and Dante was still proudly displaying his birthday suit, Mongolian spot and all.  So I gave him his Happy Meal and got mine and my love's dinner situated and Dante had a blast dumping out his fries and chicken nuggets.  Us "adults" finish our dinner and Dante was still playing with his food, but he said PEE PEE again, so we asked him to please sit down and go potty.  He was up and down for a few when I look down and realized he actually got some where it goes!  It was hardly anything, but I had to celebrate!  I grabbed the potty, had him follow me to the bathroom, and he got to wipe, I dumped what little there was where it goes and he got to trash his TP and flush like a big boy!  I am so incredibly excited!  We really have been just letting it slide, letting him decide if and when he wanted to learn to use the potty, and while it may take a while, I think he'll get it sooner than I was giving him credit for.  That'll teach me to be cautious and realistic!  SHEESH!  LOL!

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