Monday, May 30, 2011

Didn't See THAT coming...

Today was too gorgeous to waste.  After our nap, Dante and I went for a walk to get some sandwich bread and we had some fun while we were at it.

First, we went to 7-11 so I could grab a bottle of water, and then I noticed that Sugar Bake Shop was finally open!  So I stopped in and got a couple cookies (one for Dante, one for me!) and they were DELICIOUS!  We continued our journey to Walgreens, picked up some bread and I sneaked a new box of sidewalk chalk into the basket.

On the way back, I figured it was downright rude of me to get cookies for Dante and me and not get something for the Love of My Life.  So I grabbed him a beef empanada from Sugar Bake Shop on the way back.

Got back to our building and took Dante to the community room so he could run around the patio for a bit and let some steam off.  Plus, this way we got to play with his chalk and new bubble wand.  Here is where I made my mistake.  I decided to be nice and text Dante's former stalker and invited her out on the patio to join us.  She said she'd be a few minutes and was there in a flash.  She told me she was going to change (she was in pj shorts and a t shirt) but figured she'd come see us.  Oi.  Word to the wise, ladies.  If you are going to go out and visit with a toddler and his mom, please be so kind as to wear underpants under your short shorts.  PLEASE?!  *shudder*  *shudder again*

We got home, and Hubby wanted to make a quick shopping run and grab a quick dinner.  So we went, hit Del Taco, and came home.  It was awesome!

Now it's almost time for bed...Aside from the Underpants Snafu, if was a great day!

I have my 30 week appointment on Tuesday, and I am fairly certain I will have to take Dante with me.  I'll post all about it as soon as we get back!  LOL!

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