Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Well...our weekends are Sunday and Monday.  It's actually pretty cool.

Sunday, I went grocery shopping with Mindy, and had a blast!  Long story short, I got almost $300 worth of groceries and a tank of gas for around $200.  I'm a bad ass.

But while we were at King Soopers, I had Dante in one of those "cool" (and hard to maneuver) carts that has the car in the front so he could honk at oncoming traffic.  He still wasn't a happy camper, so at around every other aisle, I'd try to placate him with apple chips (YUM!) and I prayed for the best.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have Preggo Brain (I am still so proud of myself for remembering pants and shoes...) and I had to re-walk a few aisles.  When we were almost done, Mindy and I noticed that he was no longer wearing socks or shoes, and they weren't in the car with him.  In my shock, I said (a little loudly; oops!) WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES? And a passing employee asked if his socks and shoes had Elmo on them.  Why, yes!  Then he informed us that he found them and they were waiting at Customer Service for us.  UGH!  We got to the check out lane and while there, we noticed he was quiet.  We looked, and he was LICKING A TRIAL BOTTLE OF HAIR CONDITIONER!  We took it away, I wiped his tongue with my shirt and gave him juice.  While I checked out, Mindy went and grabbed his socks and shoes from Customer Service and I actually banged my head on the counter.  (Funny side note:  The cashier said I was obviously an Extreme Couponing fan, and commended my skills.  I giggled.)

When we got back, Dante was obviously in dire need for a nap, so I put him down.  I hadn't gotten my Sunday papers yet, so I figured I'd go to Starbucks and pick up a couple, like I always do.  But Starbucks downstairs closes at 7.  I thought they didn't close 'til 8, and I got there at 755p.  So I went to Burger King across the street and ordered a couple burgers for me and my love and got change to get the paper out of the machine.  Grabbed my papers and ran home.  (Well, I didn't literally run.  That would have been unnecessary pain.)  

I realized I was still exhausted, so I went down for a nap, and both Dante and I over slept.  We woke up around 10, and I was to be fasting as of midnight for my 3 hour glucose screen the next day.  So I inhaled some green enchiladas and guzzled some decaf tea, and at midnight, to entertain my brain, figured I'd do some laundry.  Here's where it gets fun.  As we were walking to the elevator so I could put money on our laundry card, I see a neighbor with her laundry basket head towards the laundry room.  I KNOW she heard me tell Dante we were putting money on the laundry card.  

We get back home, I load the hamper (only two loads!  YAY!) and we roll it down to the laundry room.  There are two washers and two dryers in there.  When we got there, just one dryer was taken, nothing else, and there was 10 minutes left on the timer.  I figured it was that snooty looking girl that we saw earlier, and she must know what little time was left, and threw our stuff in the washers.  I go back 45 minutes later, and that dryer is still stuffed to the gills with formerly white socks.  I was floored.  So I threw one wet load in the dryer, and went home to wait and hope she figured out that her crap was there.  Went back a few times, and finally just gave up and waited until the first hour was up and went back to fold the dry stuff and load the wet stuff.  Yup.  Socks were still there.  So I waited that last hour and change, went back to fold and bring home that last load, and those socks were still in the other dryer.  Seriously?  Ugh.  

In my anger, I wasn't able to fall asleep til almost 530am, and I had to be at my 3 hour glucose screen at 1010am.  I wasn't going to get up until 9, so I could take care of a few other things, but my brain woke me up at 830a, so I got up and took a shower and just left early to run my errands.  Got to the screening right on time and they saw the look in my eyes and sat me down to draw my fasting blood screen so we could get that show on the road.  Then I got to drink a bottle of "lemon lime" flavored "drink" and sat down patiently.  Approximately 20 minutes or so after I took it, I was treated to an internal Riverdance.  The glucose apparently crossed the placenta and made my little girl feel the need to dance, and all of the folks in the waiting room got to see.  It was VERY hard to miss.  I sat and read a magazine and waited for the next draw, and it went quickly.  Then, since I felt ok, they let me take a walk, so I went outside fro some fresh air and I ran into a friend, which made me happy! soon as I got back inside, I felt my blood sugar drop like a lead balloon.  My head started spinning, and I couldn't keep my eyes open.  But luckily, there was a flat surface for me to sleep on, and I used a blanket as a pillow.  I got a whopping twenty minute nap, and I felt so much better afterwards!  My phlebotomist woke me up for the 3rd of the 4 sticks and then I went for another walk and called my gramma. Shot the shit for a few with her and went back in and found an interesting issue of Time to, well, kill time, and before I knew it, it was time for my 4th and final blood draw.  As soon as she was done, I hit the loo and then sat in the waiting room and made a ripe banana disappear.  Got to the car and scarfed a BellyBliss bar and waited for a few to make sure it hit my system.  Then I finished running my errands and called home to see how long Dante had been up.  Turns out, he was still asleep!  o.O

Ran to Little Ceaser's for a couple pizzas and went home.  Fed my gorgeous boys, and tried to take a nap, but our room doesn't have a door.  (It was designed that way, since there isn't a window.)  

Got another 20 minutes or so, and we tried to put Dante down for a recharge nap, and he refused.  He just played in his crib, I guess, while his dad and I got dressed.  Then it was Dante's turn to get dressed and we dropped him at Kayla's and went to see Thor.  I loved it, Hubby didn't.  What mattered was that we got a little break and got to spend time together.  I am still on Cloud 9!  

Today, Dante and I went to see my bestie, which also makes me incredibly happy.  

Tomorrow I get to call my doc's office and see if they got the results.  I figure if they tell all those drug screen folk that it takes 24-48 hours, it must take about the same time to figure out if I am going to have to stab myself again.  I'm nervous, but still optimistic considering how I felt my blood sugar dip.  

And now I think I am going to finish my silly games that I play every night and get to bed.  Sleep is good.

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