Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have been meaning to get back to writing.  I meant to write a bit about the royal wedding and why I cried (that's Diana's baby boy!) and the killing of our Public Enemy Number One, but today trumps all that.  For me, at least.

Dante woke up at 845am.  Nothing says "FU*K YOU* to an insomniac pregnant lady like less than 6 hours of sleep.  So I got up, made us French toast (which sucks with the sandwich bread we have, but better than nothing) and got him fed and changed, wore him out and put him back to bed by 1030am.  He was up at 130pm, and I figured I'd check with our neighbor and see what they were up to, but she was putting F down for a nap.  An hour later, I got a text asking if we wanted to meet in the community room downstairs for a play date.  Got us dressed and headed downstairs with Dante's trike and his Elmo plane and the chalk, just in case the weather agreed with us.  So we had fun, T and I chatting while Dante and F had fun with each other's toys, and after a couple hours, we were winding down when I see Dante hugging F near a corner and they were looking a little clumsy, so I was moving to get up when the boys SLAMMED into the corner.  I didn't know I was still capable of flying, but apparently I am.  I do not recall either mine or T's feet touching ground, and we got there the split second the crying started.  Dante wasn't bleeding, but....F was.  He had a gash in the middle of his gorgeous porcelain forehead!  *cries*

So T gets him and her baby girl to the elevator, and I went back for my keys and Dante was still crying.  I knocked on Dante's former stalker's door, since she's on the 4th floor, too, and asked if she could please watch our stuff while I ran downstairs in case I needed to find a way to get all three kids and another adult into my car. So I got downstairs, and F had just calmed down, when we called T's husband and asked how far he was.  I may have accidentally freaked him out more than was necessary, but he got there in a flash!  While we were waiting for him, Dante had a panic attack that was probably because he was past the need for a nap.  Then I asked if her hubby had the baby's car seat in the car, and she handed me the baby and went with F upstairs to get baby's seat.  Baby was not happy about being left with me, but her daddy got there while T went for her seat, and she was still not happy.  But they ran off to get F stitched up, and I went to Former Stalker's to get all our stuff, and I brought it back up to my place.  Took a couple trips, but at least I know nothing got stolen.

Dante was INCONSOLABLE when we got home.  I wanted to get a banana or something into him so he'd sleep better (nothing says awesome sleep quite like a full belly!) but he wasn't eating it, he was just crying like I poked him with a red hot poker.  So I got him changed, and rocked him back to calm.  Then, as soon as I put him down, oh, gods, he was screaming!  So I just let him cry it out, and he was out cold in less than 5 minutes.  Just got the text that F is fine and now I feel much better as a person.  I am so very glad!  We were surprisingly calm as a team, and I'm very impressed.

So, now I am going to find something yummy (I've earned it!  LOL!) and let my brain wander in front of the boob tube.  Wow.  What a day!


  1. wow. Glad to hear he is ok. It's amazing what we are capable of when in need. :D

  2. Poor little guy, he was probably scared spitless that his buddy got hurt, toddlers are so sensitive to emotional atmosphere. That and he saw his buddy fall down, get hurt, mama flying, and the flurry of unusual activity and then his friend got whisked away to who knows where. He may have thought he broke him and they were throwing him away (strange, but toddlers think strange, they are just starting to figure out how the world works). He should feel better when he sees his friend again, and realizes they didn't throw him away like a broken toy or dish.

  3. and I remember when Alex was about fifteen months old, Geoff and I were at work, with grandpa watching him. He tangled up with a bar stool and nearly ripped the tip of his right pinky off. Geoff and I got the diaper bage around, and went immediately to the ER with Alex, who was amazingly calm (so calm they were afraid he damaged some nerves, but him flinching in triage when a bandage brushed the ouchie reassured the nurses). We were prepared for possible amputation, but the hand surgeon said it was an easy fix, and it was. Now the tip of that pinky is a little heart shaped, but that is all. The doctor told us that until about age three babies can practically regenerate. So when you think they are acting like little trolls sometimes, it's not far from the truth, at least for the regeneration part. And it was kind of funny watching Alex come out from the sedation (while they thoroughly examined and bandaged the finger). He did this the week before our wedding, so he got to wear a sock over his hand at our wedding (have to do that with toddlers, they will rip bandages off like crazy).

  4. Saz: I was dumbfounded by all the blood. I wish I could show the picture! It's going to be a really cool scar! LOL!
    Jennifer: I know he was scared, and he hung on me for a few before he'd let me put him to bed, and when he got up, he hung on me still. It was very sweet, but not easy when dinner involves the oven!
    And I have yet to keep a band-aid on Dante. It's frustrating!

  5. I still can't keep them on Alex, but he always wants to put them on, even if he just bumped himself. And I usualy have to put a baby gate up blocking the kitchen when it involves the oven, Zachary loves to "help".

  6. I wish there was a way to gate off my kitchen. This place was designed by someone who has never had to deal with toddlers.