Friday, September 2, 2011

Today, It Rained.

What a day!  Took my Scarlett to her one month check up (a little late, whoops!) and she got a clean bill of health.  She's 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and 21 1/2 inches long.  She has a fast pulse, but no murmur, and Doc says she's gorgeous.  But I knew that.  =D

We raced to my appointment at 3, but, alas, I got there too late and had to reschedule for the 15th since my doc will be on vacation all of next week.  Yippee.  (*SARCASM*)  Fed Scarlett in the waiting room anyways, and then we ran by the bank really quick to get cash.

While we were at the bank, I had an old mix cd in, and Bullet by Covenant came on.  I immediately remembered when Chris got that cd.  We went together to the Hastings on Montgomery (in ABQ) and we both heard that song and fell in love with how well it was written.  The split second my brain recognized the song, it started to rain.  I laughed at the coincidence, until the next song came on.  Daddy by Ulcer.

And then it rained some more, hitting my face thanks to an open window and utter disbelief.  When I drove away, I looked up, and it seemed like the black cloud was following me.  A few blocks over, it was sunny, but the whole way home, I had my own cloud hanging over my car.  I wanted to apologize to all the folks who were on bikes that shared the road with me.  (I will never forget when Chris came to LC for my birthday one year on his motorcycle, and he told me that it rained on the way.  That's when he told me that riding a motorcycle in the rain was like getting acupuncture from an epileptic.  I loved his wit.)  As I pulled into my building's garage, the rain stopped.  

It was odd and surreal, and it put me on edge.  I'm still a bit weirded out, but there's not a whole lot I can do besides chalk it up to my over active brain.  Maybe it was someone else's black cloud and I just happened to put the wrong cd in.  I guess I'll never know....

Edit:  I almost forgot!  Today at Scarlett's appointment, Doc let Dante pick a toy from the Toy Chest and he picked a pretty pink necklace and a gold heart bracelet.  He loves them both!  It's so darling!  He looks quite dashing in pink, let me tell you!  LOL!

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