Friday, September 30, 2011

I Have to Toot My Son's Horn....

Since he doesn't even know he has one.

On Wednesday, as we were getting ready to leave and go to Starbucks so we could get some fresh air (and coffee), I put Scarlett in her car seat so that I could brush my hair and tie it back.  When I came out of the bathroom, there was Dante, putting two blankets over his sister's legs and then her hat, in case she wanted to wear it.  As I pushed the stroller across the parking lot to our usual Starbucks, Dante adjusted the visor on the stroller so she wouldn't catch any sun on her porcelain face.  (He then proceeded to be a little hellion once we got to Starbucks, though, but that's ok.)

Today, as I was getting us ready to go walk for ice cream (I am a cool mom, after all!), he kept kissing Scarlett!  He ran and got her bottle, and even put his sandals on all by himself!

He was actually a joy when we went to two different grocery stores, and he sang the alphabet in the car and said "Bye, bye, Auntie Mindy.  Thank you!" as we dropped her off back at her place.  And then we got home.

The KICKER????  He took off his clothes and his diaper all by himself and ran to the bathroom as I loaded the dishwasher.  He then moved his step stool over to the potty, put his potty seat on all by himself, and he used it!  You could have knocked me over with a feather!

What am I going to do?!  My little baby boy is becoming a boy.  A real, live boy!  GAH!  He's so incredible!  Sure, there are moments I want to jump out the window in sheer frustration, but I know he's almost 3 and well, almost preschoolers will be almost preschoolers.  I'm blown away every day.  Every so often, I have to pinch myself.  Kids are time machines.  Days may be pretty slow, even the busy ones, but holy hades, weeks and months just fly by.

And now I get to go to bed.  After I play a couple silly games.

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