Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Too Young for a "Senior Moment!" Aren't I?

The last few days have been interesting, to say the least.  Sunday, we went to get groceries with my friend Mindy, and Dante was...Dante.  I know.  Shocker.
We went to two stores.  That's it.  We started at Sunflower and as we were piling back into the car, we noticed Dante's butt was wet.  Sigh.  His diaper leaked.  And when I say "leaked," I mean that his ass was sopping wet and smelled like a bus station.  So Mindy changed his diaper while I got him juice, and then I soaked his shorts in water, wrung them out, and wrapped them in a polar fleece blanket that I had in the back.  By the time we got to Albertson's, they were still wet.  Damn.  So he got wrapped in his daddy's hoodie that I had in the car and we made him leave it on for the remainder of our shopping trip.  He looked incredibly silly, but he's too old to be a pants-less baby in a supermarket.  I actually tried to use it as a "teaching moment," but the idea was quickly lost on him.

Yesterday I finally got to see my doc for my post partum check up.  Damn scheduling conflicts!  HAHA!  So, I took Scarlett (to show her off, of course!) and had a decent chat with my doc.  We discussed my IUD options, and it looks like Mirena's the winner.  I go back on October 10th for that, and before then, at some point, I need to go back to Quest Diagnostics for another glucose screen.  Not looking forward to it, but it has to be done.  Especially since this wasn't done last time!

Started the laundry last night a bit earlier than usual, and while it was going, I decided I was going to make bacon and roast some Hatch chiles I got while shopping, and when I was done making the bacon, I poured the grease into my bacon grease container.  (WHAT?  I like to use it to make eggs because of the way my pans stick.  And it's delicious.)  I went to take the full container and put it out of the way and it spilled all over my hands!  GAH!  I have never cried or cursed that way before.  Poor Dante came rushing into the kitchen to help me (how sweet is that?) and he slipped in the grease.  Hubby just about caught him and he barely tapped his head on the floor.  That made me even more inconsolable and the rest of last night is mostly a blur.  I know I spent HOURS with my hands in ice water and every so often taking them out of the water to rub in some First Degree homeopathic ointment.  (I think that stuff is awesome...on first degree burns.  Downright useless on 2nd-3rd degree grease burns.  FYI.)

Because I couldn't cook and because he didn't want to, Hubby ordered pizza.  Fine with me; it's actually been a looooooong time since we ordered a pizza.  But I have no idea what I'm making tonight now that I can use my left hand.  Any kind of heat, even lukewarm water hurts like a sunofabeetch.  Which ought to make loading the dishwasher fun since I have to basically pre-wash them if they intend to get clean in this crappy dishwasher.

Today we went to Walgreen's for burn spray and cooling pads and while we were there, I made good use of my recently completed coupon binder.  M&M's bags were on sale 2/$5, and I had 3 $1 off coupons.  You get a $5 Register Rewards (a coupon to use on a later transaction) when you buy 4 bags, so I spent $7 and got $5 back.  I used that $5 on 3 packs of wipes, a notepad for the fridge for Dante to color on while I cook and a pack of smokes, 4 packs of gum (had a coupon for $1 off 3 and they were 2/$1) and a 20 oz Mountain Dew.  Wound up spending $6 on that transaction.  I am a bad ass.  I even gave the guy ahead of me in line one of my $1 off 3 packs of gum coupon.  When I pulled it out of my binder, the guy behind me in line said my book was cool.  I told him I'm neurotic and got on with what I was doing.  When we left, I adjusted the shade over Scarlett's face, and he walked past me and told me I wasn't neurotic, I'm thrifty.  I got a good giggle and went on my merry way.

Every so often I wonder where my head would be it wasn't screwed on so tight.  I'd probably keep it in the fridge, right next to my jar of chopped garlic that I keep losing in there.

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