Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Good Turn...

Dante was AMAZING today!  (I'm sure I'm going to pay for that statement as soon as he wakes up...) and it only took him half an hour to put all of his toys away.  He helped me get snacks into his Elmo backpack, and even caressed his sisters foot when she got fussy.

We went to Starbucks first so I could get some caffeine into me, and as we left, we saw one of the homeless folk that are always in our neighborhood.  He was at the corner, and I saw him, so I got a $1 from my wallet and gave it to Dante to hold.  When we got to him, I stopped and asked Dante to please give it to that gentleman.  He handed it to him, gave him a fist bump, and said "Thank you!"  It was so sweet!  The man he gave it to didn't look at me, he thanked Dante, and I told Dante to tell him to be safe.  And we were on our way!

Got to the park, and Dante blew me away.  He could suddenly go places he wasn't able to go last time, and he climbed like a champ.  With every fall, he blew my mind simply by getting up, dusting off his butt and trying again.  When I would call him back for some juice, he'd kiss his sister before running off again.  He would go to the slats in the fort and call me over to give him kisses, and he listened when I told him to get away from the tire swing that bigger kids were using.  (I didn't want him to get nailed in the head!)

When I told him he had three more trips down the slide before we left, he counted along with me, and didn't argue when I told him to get into his seat so we could go.

I decided on the way home to stop for some Burger King, and there was a weathered older lady waiting for her order along with us.  She pet Scarlett, then asked how old Dante was.  Then she told us that Dante was the same age as her grandson and just invited us over to her house to use her pool.  There's no way on the god's green earth that we'd go, but my curiosity wants to drive by to make sure she's safe.  I had Dante tell her "Thank You" for her offer and we got our order and ran.

Got home, Dante ate his burger when I asked (ok, about 1/3 of it!) and all of his fries.  He even agreed to be put down for a nap!  My son has been an amazing child today!  I wonder what it was...but I hope this keeps up!  I'll take it!

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