Thursday, March 24, 2011

Walking Brain Fart

I am a walking brain fart.  I'll have my keys in my hand while I'm looking for them.  That being said, I feel bad for not posting anything yet about my 20 week anatomy scan that took place this past Monday.  It went great!  I got some great pictures (14!) on a pretty disc, and I need to remember to walk to Walgreen's tomorrow to pick them up since I spaced it today.  Baby is about 12 ounces, huge, and already a bully.  I got to watch the little bugger punch me!  Didn't feel it, but I saw it!  LOL!

So, last night after my boys went to bed, I decided to take a shower and take my sweet time since I had the place to myself, essentially.  I'm about to step in when my feet squish on the bath mat.  Seems that SOMEHOW Dante's shampoo landed on it and leaked.  Great.  It was a big enough spot that I couldn't rinse it off in the sink. So I figured I'd share the shower with the damn rug to see if I could get it out, then I had planned on wringing it dry and letting it hang.  After trying to wring it, I realized that it reeked!  So I tiptoed out to the laundry room and washed it.  Yeah.  When I say I'm insane, I'm really not kidding.  So I got to stay up while my bath rug and my kitchen rugs (What?  Not gonna waste a load of laundry on ONE ITEM.  That's not my way!) went through the wash.  I wasn't going to dry them (especially the bath mat since it has a rubber back) but then I figured that may have been part of the reason for that smell.  So I set the dryer on "Delicate" and waited patiently in this same spot.  Mmmm, couch and laptop.....  Anyways, I didn't get to bed til almost 4am.

But today, er, Wednesday, wasn't bad for the most part.  Took Dante to Target for a few things that I knew were on sale (and that I had coupons for!) and priced out stuff for his party.  Lo and behold, Target was too expensive for what I want, even with all my coupons, so it can wait til I get to Albertson's and King Soopers.  Then we went for a cup of coffee with one of my dearest friends, Scott, so we could catch up and I could show him the ultrasound pics.  While we were waiting for Scott to get there, Chris "Birdman" Anderson showed up with a friend and I realized from that vantage point that his head grazes the menu board.  Next time you go to Starbucks, take a good look at the menu and imagine someone's head getting so close to hitting it that if you smelled that menu, you'd smell his hair products.  Got to talk a little smack about the Spurs, and he had a fangirl all but throw her panties at him, and he booked it out of there like a bat out of hell.  Can't blame him!  (Of note, Denver won 115-112.  Good.)

On a different note, I realized today that I have a lot of pet peeves.  Enough that I could easily bitch about one a week and be set for a long, long time.  I also realized that I could very easily write reviews from a tired mom's perspective about different activities and restaurants around the Denver Metro area.  Let me know what you think!  While yes, for the most part, this little piece of the blogosphere is for me, I also want to have little bursts of my brain farts around for Dante and the Impending Doom to reference when they are curious as to what my reaction might be to something.

And on that happy note, I think I am going to waddle over to my meds, waddle to the bathroom, and pray I don't kill myself on any of Dante's toys as I waddle to bed.

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