Monday, March 21, 2011

A Day "Off"

In about 12 hours, I get to find out if we are buying pink or blue!  I have a feeling it's a girl, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing since kids tend to be karma.  But I must admit that I really want ruffles on someone's butt and they sure don't fit on mine.

Today was a lot of fun, even if the only place we went was Starbucks so I could buy a newspaper for the coupons.  Dante had fun, and he was just so stinkin' sweet, he nearly gave me a cavity.  He helped me with laundry, he ate like a champ...He did scream a little bit after his bath for reasons I'll never understand, but he was mostly ok today.  He read the baby lotion bottle again, even finding where it said "baby" on the back of the bottle, not just the front.

I noticed there were some fantastic deals in the coupon section of the paper and the ads.  Not going to bore you with the details, but I actually had a lot of fun making lists for certain stores and coordinating the coupons.  I feel like a super cool geek, if that makes any sense.

I also made some fantastic red layered enchiladas today, just plain cheese with a fried egg.  It tasted like I was back at my Gramma's house in Las Cruces.  Now I miss my Gramma even more just thinking about those yummy enchiladas.  Damn.  As much as I truly love Denver, and I can't imagine living anywhere else (except  maybe Portland, Oregon...), I really miss just cruising over to Gramma's to hang out and watch tv, or going to bingo with both grandparents or the Farmer's Market with Mom.  But then I remember all my great friends here, and as hard as it is, I know the schools are better for Dante and The Impending Doom, and can't imagine going back.  Besides, I'd miss the zoo, and the parks here, and the weather, and, well, all of it.

Looks like I just thought with my fingers!  LOL!  Ah, rambling.  Gotta love it.  I am having a hard time turning off my brain because of this appointment...

Not going to post anywhere on the internet what color we're buying til after Dante's birthday party on Saturday.  I have people I want to tell in person and a huge chunk of them will be at the party, so, everyone else gets to wait!

And now I am going to take my nightly benadryl (something has to stop this insufferable itching...) and hope I get some rest!

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